We are new to BiggerPockets and in need of advise about FortuneBuilders

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hi guys,

We are new here, just joined this morning and we are very excited to be part of this community. We are based in Orlando, Fl and looking to start our investing business. 

A few weeks ago we attended the Fortune Builders 3 day seminar, which cost $200.00 and promised to give us all the info we needed to succesfully start investing. In my case, I didn't learn anything worth the $200.00 and at the end, they only wanted us to buy a Mastery package, priced between 15k up to 35k.

Today, we just ended a 2 hour long call with one of their "top notch" advisors for a "second interview". He was not very happy and not very accomodating either, when we asked for a couple of days to think it over. He was willing to only gives us until tomorrow at exactly 6:00pm, when he will give us a call. Because like he said: "we needed to start learning to make commitments and stick to them".

That kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. My mind is made up but still I would like to know what others think and if any of you have had an experience with Fortune Builders, please share. All comments, advise and help are inmensily welcome.

save your money for your first deal and find a free mentor. There are lots of threads on here about these programs. 

@Diana Luna

Hi and welcome to BiggerPockets! It’s a great place to learn more about investing and meet the people you want to meet. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing and don't forget to set up your Keyword Alerts!

As to the course, run fast, run very fast.  Learn here on BP what you need, without spending the outrageous money they charge.

Welcome There have been plenty of heated discussions of gurus and the large sums of money people spend . The main point is that you can sift thru hundreds of blogs,videos ,how to,s and have plenty of community members ,from the new to some very experienced and successful members You can have your deals analyzed, legal questions answered,wholesaling,marketing almost any topic that you can think of. A guru will try to charge you thousands of dollars for this information.There is really nothing new under the sun .despite this some people still spend the thousands of dollars because they are chasing a "magic formula'.

thanks for the info @larryfried , @jimP , @stevenpicker

@Diana Luna

Welcome to the boards! In my experience between BP and your local REIA you can save yourself that 15-35k !! I am not going to put too much of my opinion out there just because to each their own about mentor programs or guru programs or whatever they are.

Welcome to BP!!! I was in your shoes couple of months back when I was introduced to REI by Fortune Builders. I would like to thank them to get me open my mind and found $200 worth spending on their 3 days seminar. It was informative. But that's all I would spend and nothing beyond that. their mastery program may be good but fee is outrageous. I wouldn't pay no matter how convincing they sound. As advised by other seasoned investors here, I would rather spend that much money on my first property (whatever niche you decide) and make some mistakes rather than someone holding my hand and teach me. Even in that case, we are bound to make mistake so I would rather learn here on BP and network and get help from amazing people in BP community here.

@Diana Luna

  these free for all Guru shows are somewhat difficult to learn in... There are some good mentors that charge but do more one on one type mentoring.

I have an associate on the East coast that credits their paid coach for their success and they have spent good money but have done very well with the information provided to them. this paid mentor had a very well thought out method for them to get into the business and they followed it to a tee.. I think they did far better with that method than one would ever get on BP as it was focused for what they wanted to achieve ...  I think BP can give you some basics but its still a lot of hunting and pecking and might not be germane to your market or what you want to do.. Also those that give pod casts are folks out their doing it .. and you will see some pro and con on their methods etc..

Lots of great people on BP some very experienced folks willing to share.. but they are not going to do it for you or spend hours explaining it to you verbatim like a paid coach will.

If you don't have the money for coaching then by all means don't go into debt for it. But if you can drop 20 to 30k without a heartbeat then I think that's just cost of doing business and I for one see absolutely nothing wrong with it.. Remember all those that say save your money for your first deal.. well that could be good but if you don't know what your doing you could lose 20k on your first deal as easy as you could break even or make money and you wasted a bunch of time and stress.

So search a little more for mentorship.. you may find a fit.  Or get ready to spend untold hours on Bp trying to put it all together...

Good luck either way.

@Diana Luna I work with lots of seasoned investors here in Orlando that have jibe through Fortune Builders. I host a real estate investors networking group at my office with few that have gone through it. If you would like to come to one of my events and pick there brain let me know. I have lots of BP members that alafaya lily attend. I hate those events you go to and the speaker they have is someone that flipped two houses and call themselves "Guru's". They don't care to educate, they just care to fill their own pockets. I can introduce you to some good people that have bean through it all. Let me I know!


Dang autocorrect 

@Ryan Kopczyk

  Hey Ryan how goes it?.. that's nice of you to sponsor those as a title company. !! this is the exact thing I think people should focus on.. But like anything its really up to the person. in any thing that is RE related 10 to 15% of those in it do 85 to 90% of the deals... its just getting from start up to actually doing it...

In Vegas the Forclosure sales are at the title co parking lot.. and they hand out all sorts of info on the days auctions thereby helping many who could never compete.

@Jay Hinrichs Things are great thank you! How about yourself? I 100% agree with you. I attend all of the other real estate groups around central Florida and they really don't vet who they bring in as long is its making them money. I started this networking group to bring like minded people together and to provide valuable knowledge. No catch. It's funny because most of the groups I belong to there are a bunch of new investors wanting to jump right in but they don't take the jump. Wish you were over this way, you would be a valuable asset to the group. 

I really liked the guy at the three day seminar!  Did I like him to the tune of $25K?  Hell no.  But it was very motivational , and it was the kick in the butt I needed to get serious on a real estate/investing career.  As you'll soon find out, everything you could ever want to know can be found on this website.  Good luck!

@Diana Luna Save your money for your first investment! Join your local REI club and start networking. There a lots of investors out there that are willing to help. The BP community is a great place to start. Just do a search on what type of investment your interested in and a wealth of knowledge comes up. Happy investing!

thank you all for making us feel welcome and for all the great words and advise! 

@Diana Luna Welcome to BP!! I run a local real estate company and wouldn't mind answering a couple questions for you. I have talked to multiple people that have been through these things and have seen a very low success rate out of them. One guy came in and said that he paid 25k and they told him to call the yellow signs on the side of the road so he did and it was us. Rough watching that happen when he could have called before and saved himself the money. I attend @Ryan Kopczyk events from time to time and unfortunately can not make the one this month. It is a good networking event to attend. 

I'd tell him to stick his hard sell tactics up his @$$ before I commit to doing it for him!!

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