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Good morning from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I was about to go to one of those Seminars but, just as I turned on my computer; Russ Whitney, and Jason Lucchesi, and a number of other Real Estate Guru messages hit my Computer.  I Ran names,  and companies with the BBB, and most,  if not rated had an "F" Rating.  If I myself have an A+ rating.  I said to myself, why should I go to one of these meetings.

I'am a member of a number of Real Estate Investor Meet Up groups in our area, and one Quote of a Proverb by  a meet up organizer came to mind:  "IF YOU WANT TO GO FAST, GO ALONE.  IF YOU WANT TO GO FAR, GO WITH OTHERS."

I believe experience is the best teacher, I'll stick with Bigger Pockets, and the more experienced investors in our local meet up groups.  Just want to know other comments on theses Guru Real Estate Educational Sales people

In my experience, these free seminars that are aimed at selling some real estate product or service are typically only out for the good of the organizer. I've been to similar seminars and the information was all about how much money can be made in real estate and very little, or nothing at all, to do with how to make money in real estate. They want to hype you up just to sell you a program with information that you can already find right here on Bigger Pockets. Just my two cents anyway...

YES!!! STAY AWAY from those seminars. They'll lure you in a for a free one day or weekend seminar, then upsell you a more expensive seminar for say $1000-5000, then upsell you again for a grand-daddy big multi-day seminar that sometimes cost $30k-$50k. Stay, stay, stay away from those. 

One time I went to a free Rich Dad seminar with a friend just to "check it out", as I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his core books, and when I went there...I was dumbfounded that not a single person except ME out of 100+ people at the free seminar had already read any of his books. I mean, seriously? At the end of the salespitch at least 20 people signed up for the next paid seminar...sheesh. I felt bad for everyone in there. If you are a newbie and want to learn about it first.

And do research - JUST LIKE YOU DID. I bet almost NONE of those guys in there Google'd and found out any of the bad things about his seminars.

Disclaimer - I love Robert's books...Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Cashflow Quadrant & Rich Dad's Guide To Investing...AND the e-Cashflow game...but I hate the seminars.

Yup. You hit the nail on the head. I did learn "some" things to be dangerous. But there is more to learn. They will hit you with a please join us for a 25k weekend. I'm not saying it won't work but it wasn't for me

We are all on the same page

I actually was giving away free content on that particular webinar training. I wasn't selling anything at all. It was a big group of real estate professionals, some were selling a training program, and some (like me) weren't selling anything.

The BBB is a PAID membership too by the way. If you pay to play you'll have a solid rating. If you check my rating (which I think is a B right now, but I was told from a local rep if I paid I could easily have that lifted to an A) you'll see if somebody had a complaint, it was resolved, and everyone came out on the win-win side of things.

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