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What is you guys opinion  on real estate guru Armondo.?

I liked his show.  Personally, I wouldn't pay for any "guru" class.  Your mileage may vary.

I loved watching him on Flip this House but he lost some points with me after I saw his Undercover Boss episode. I'm not a big fan of the whole "I can make you rich for the low cost of $20,000" industry.

I have not heard any positive things about him or his program.  Keep your money. 

Once you go guru you are doing it for increased income.  Nobody does all that, because they "want to be a mentor".  They do it to make more money and no longer get their hands dirty.  I enjoyed his tv show, but once it went to never ending infomercials I lost all interest in him. 

NEVER GO GURU ROUTE!!! Once they have you, then they create a need for their upgrade program!!!!!! There are better options for coaching on the market, I personally love Sean Terry's Flip2Freedom podcast!! I've gotten a TON OF FREE coaching off of his podcasts. I'm not even a part of his F2F academy which is only $999.

I did go to  Armondos free seminar, of course if they offer something for free they are trying to sell you something. I thought I would go and learn what I could. I got a couple of free cds/dvds. Before we could get to the end of the seminar you learn they are more interested in the people that are signing up to spend their money. While you are trying to catch the end of the seminar all of the other people are talking in the back and you can not hear what is gong on. I did get something out of it though, thats where I first heard about wholesaling, nso for me hes meeting was more about getting up and making a start on this. Funny though his follow up people quit calling me when I told them I didn't have thousands to take the next class.

Do any of you know what the name for the contract is that a wholeseller uses to reassign to a investor?

Google him and you'll have your answer. 

Originally posted by @Tammy Theiss :

Funny though his follow up people quit calling me when I told them I didn't have thousands to take the next class.

Usually its then that they tell you how to rack up thousands of dollars on your credit cards because "of course" you'll make it all back when you do your first deal.  So people spend money they don't have, never do a deal, then spend the next 10 years working feverishly trying to pay off that 21% (or MORE) interest rate money.

He lost all credibility with me one he started his REI road show.

if you have to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to invest in Real Estate I would run away from these so called gurus. Use the Internet to gain knowledge on real estate investing, join the REI forums, read or listen to audiobooks, podcast, join your local REI group in your city. Makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars REI course when you can use that money on your first investment property.

@Tammy Theiss  BP and the BP brethren are anti guru no matter who they are or what they do.

so take all responses here with a grain of salt.. 

that all said weekend guru sessions are not going to create instant RE investors.. I do have associates that have done highly paid mentorship or guru ship name your definition and the cost are even more.. but they have done spectaularly well in their business far better than they could have done attempting to do it on their own or just readying on line stuff like BP.. BP no doubt has nice content.. but there are also 100k newbies and wanne bee's that have no clue as well. but if you have no money and no credit.. then get a job in Real estate and start there.

Try to watch the Undercover Boss episode with your notepad handy...  If you catch the numbers and do the math, he makes way more money selling his seminars than flipping houses.


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