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Has anyone gone to The Real Alliance workshop? I am new to bigger pockets and getting started in REI. I have my mortgage and real estate license.

I have not but I am starting out and I'm curious why you're looking into it. Was it recommended to you?

Disclosure: CEO


I have been, lol.  And we'd love to have you out if you haven't already been.  We are a down to earth group of investors who are serious about results.  Yes, we have various costs to our programs, but many of our free trainings will blow your mind.  Which is where everyone starts regardless if they plan to spend more on their education or not.  

The most common thing I hear people say that go through our trainings is, "I wish I would have found you first."  

I'd be glad to meet with you personally after one of the meetings for a quick 15 minute strategy session.  We aren't the only solution, but have proven to be a good one for many people.  

The challenge in investing education starts with the fly into town gurus who don't know your market and just want your money with minimal support.  The info isn't bad, and I've personally invested a lot in many of those, cause I always get something, however, much of the info is fragmented leaving you having trouble with the next step.  We've aimed at filling in the gaps through our education models.

The other model of real estate education is through the REIA groups, who create more connection, but once again bring in speakers with their 1k-2k products that will supposedly revolutionize your real estate investing business. We believe that its not about some other software system, or this brand new strategy, rather its effective deal analysis so you don't loose money, aggressive marketing to bring the deal flow in, and systemization so in a reasonable period of time you can actually have freedom even while flipping 6-12 properties per year.

Getting your license isn't free, nor is going through our education.  It is kinda funny how long I spent thinking one day I'd read enough free blog articles or $20 books that would finally make me a real estate millionaire.  Our goal for our investors leaves out the millionaire hype.  Rather we lead individuals to creating small businesses using the vehicle of real estate investing.  You can go at it like I did reading blog posts, and articles, for free. Try the school of hard knocks and search feverishly for support peacing together information little by little.  For some that is the right path.  But for those that are looking for a more systematic approach our track record is pretty solid, and I'd put our coaching up against anyone.  In fact, I'd love to hear directly from anyone who is not totally elated with our training, and our company for any reason other than that we are charging money for the value we bring and they were hoping we'd give it away for free.  Some people don't believe in selling Real Estate Education.  Or that everyone who teaches can't do.  You are probably intelligent enough to determine that for yourself.   

There are a lot of smart people here on bigger pockets as well.  Just be careful who you trust.  Not everyone who charges you money for info is really giving you good info, and not everyone who offers you free advice is really giving you the best advice.  

Once again, we'd love to have you out to an upcoming event.  

Either way though good luck in your investing.  With the market at 1.4-2.0 months of inventory in the DFW market, its a great time to be investing.  Just watch those numbers close, cause you don't want to end up like the fools in 2006 who thought the ride would go on and on.  There is a strategy for every market.  Get educated, learn all you can and you can ride the waves that come.  

Take Care,

Matthew Elmer

CEO/Head Coach/Pathological Entrepreneur

therealalliance dot com

PS We have a few of our members on here, and I'll try to get more of them on here, to share the good and bad about what we do.  Hopefully, most of it is good. But maybe they can shoot some holes in our processes, so we can make our processes even better.  We are committed to being the hands down best chance for Real Estate Investing success.

Originally posted by @Tracey Pritchett :

Has anyone gone to The Real Alliance workshop? I am new to bigger pockets and getting started in REI. I have my mortgage and real estate license.


Hi Tracey,

I took the 3 day seminar last month and it is a good program if you can afford the 20K AND have money in reserve to bank roll your RE deals. If not, there is plenty of information available to you in real estate books, on BP, and Youtube videos. A little time researching will save you thousands of dollars.

Run don't walk away from this organization! The Phoenix TRA Group bombed from inadequate support and inadequate leadership. You will be fighting the Devil trying to get your money back for their overpriced program. I am number SIX out of seven original team members from the Phoenix TRA Group to leave and demand my money back. They promised to build a community here but couldn't even RETAIN the original members! Their online support sloppy and slow. Even their contract packets for each state is incomplete.

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