Does anyone know about peter veskelman? Is his coaching worth it?

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Hello, does anyone know about peter veskelman? Is his coaching worth it?

welcome to BP @Jeff Kozar i do not know anything about his program,i know for sure you just posted on the best forum site going 
read,ask questions,listen to all the podcasts, then get to work 

how much is his program?
you can read about other coaches here,most are not worth it 
good luck to you

Thanks for the advise/// He is asking $750   a month  for a total of $6300    He is saying that he will get me making money in 60-90 days and then get me set up in my own business in about a year.   

You know, 6,300 bucks is enough for the down payment on a half decent house.

@Jeff Kozar IMHO, most "RE gurus" are in it for the money, and want to step you up to their higher priced products over a longer period of time. Granted, there are a few good coaches out there, but why pay money for advice you can get here on BP virtually free for the asking. Research is the key to any RE investment, and BP is a good place to start.

@Joe Cummings I agree completely, that money is better spent on a downpayment on a property. There's a lot to be said for learning by doing, not to mention the increase of your net worth in buying the property.

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