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I see everyone talking about Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Which edition do you guys recommend? I see there are quite a few different choices 

I haven't seen too many different versions myself, but this from Amazon (not an affiliate link or anything) is the version that I read - just a typical paperback. I'd really advise against buying it new, though; it's such a popular and well-read book that you can easily pick it up from a library or a used book store very cheaply.

Check out the Cashflow Quadrant as well

Loopholes of Real Estate Investing is also good in this series.

Start with the baic Rich Dad Poor Dad book, it is the best book out there for the basic concept of why real estate is a great investment. 

The rest of the series is also fantastic, you can learn all of the aspect of running a busines. What you wont learn from Kiosaki is the technique that real estate investors use. Even in the coaching program, you wont learn how real estate investors evaluate, finance, negotiate, and flip deals. For that you will have to come to BP, your local REIA, and the occasional RE guru.

For starters you cant go wrong with Rich Dad, but that is not where the journey ends

to your success


Start with the first one, the iconic rich Dad Poor Dad and then follow the footnotes to the rest of his books. They're great to give you a perspective. don't expect any recipes of success, it's not a cookbook, it's a book to change your thinking and grow rich and free.

These are great books, more about the change of mentality than anything else.  I remember my dad picked up a copy of all of the kids in the family, inspiring.

Rich Dad Poor Dad was a great story, Cash Flow Quadrant is more practical in applying the mentality shift.

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