Sean Whalen and Detroit Investor Summit - Scam or Legit?

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I went on Sean Whalen's Detroit Investor Summit Bus tour. 

He was trying to sell us "Quitclaim Deed" properties that cash flow. When asked about the contract Sean told us that was a mistake. I call BS.

Peak Potentials partnered up with Sean to sell the properties. Peak Potentials sold students a real estate program that costs $40,000. It's a real estate seminar scam similar to a Rich Dad seminar scam and Armando Montelongo seminar scam. They teach you to raise your credit card limit to buy real estate and then they later suggest you use your credit card to buy the program. Students realize the program is a scam. David McCoy - COO of Peak Potentials and Intelligent Wealth won't give any of the students their money back. And Adam Markel, CEO of Peak Potentials won't respond.

You have to use "Seed Capital" to buy a property if you don't have the $40,000 cash to buy one. Banks won't touch these properties. 

They are in section 8 areas of Detroit.

Houses are worthless. 60,000 homes in the area are facing foreclosure.

Sean Whalen has a pretty bad reputation.

Student's are looking into a class action lawsuit against Peak Potentials and Sean Whalen for Securities Fraud.

I just recently learned that some of these firms encourage you to raise CC limits to buy their programs and real estate. Holy crap. I didn't even know that was legal. 

Disclosure: I am mentioned in this thread.

John, I don't recognize your name so I'm not sure how you say you've been to the Detroit Investor Summit?  When did you attend, and what is your REAL name (not your troll name) 

The Detorit Investor Summit is not part of Peak Potential, Seed Capital or any other similar group. I can not speak to the other people you mentioned as I'm not them nor am I part of their business, or they mine. 

I do no advise clients or buyers on their personal credit card matters, nor does the Detroir Investor Summit. 

We only sell cash flowing, Warranty Deed properties, so what's your point in your first statement about Quitclaim deeds?  What exactly is there to call BS about? 

And "John" if by chbace you knew anything about real estate or even owned any real estate you'd know Section 8 isn't a "section" or location.  You'd also know that Section 8 tenants are some of the best in the market.  

Keep trolling my friend. 


Sean Whalen 

@Sean Whalen

Are your deals available on the MLS or FSBO? Would like to see what you have to offer.

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