Any good books or any other learning materials for Probates?

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I am looking to start marketing to a probate list I have been building and scrubbing through court house files but I would like to have as much knowledge as possible when I start receiving the calls. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The information could be from basic probate knowledge to marketing to anything you have.

And yes I know I can use the search bar for probate info and yes I do take advantage of it

Probate falls into two main categories: finding and working.

Most of the benefits will come from finding. 

Working has more to do with problem solving. Among those, some are property problems, many are title related however most are people problems common to all real estate.

@Rick H.

Ah I apologize for the way my post is presented. The main question was in the title. I didn't mean just random information like my subject body insinuates. I work best when I get my head completely wrapped around the subject, and usually accomplish this through books or articles... or even videos or blogs. So, I was wondering if anyone had any such information on probates.

@Rick H.

But, nonetheless, good answer on such a broad question. Ha!

@Micah Copeland Hello BP forums. I've been following this forum for a few days and there's been a lot of great information. I was just browsing the BP podcasts, and show 71 deals with handling probate leads. This should help as well. Good luck with everything.

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