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Anybody ever dealt with him?  My coworker gets his emails on a regular basis and his website strikes me more of a sales pitch than a mentor, though he's a heavy investor in my area.  Just curious if anyone had personal experience with him or his company or heard anything from someone that has.  

I have begun receiving emails and Facebook posts about his deals, and other stuff (at my request).  His deals seem real.  Like nearly all wholesalers, their ARVs are optimistic.  I conduct my own DD and role with it.  I did go to a property in Leesburg that interested me. He typically conducts an open house on a Saturday.  I don't like the Saturday only open house because family time is a premium.  The one I attended had someone holding it open and about a dozen investors going through the property.  Good business seemed to be going on.  

As far as the training, I don't know.  His website makes multiple blunt statements that show experience and frustration with inexperience.  His family moved to Hawaii and he posts some enjoyable dialogue.  Video from the beach I think is kinda cheezy but all real estate training must feature a palm tree on a beach :). 

I have not closed any deal from him, but I think enough of the individual to keep considering each deal.  That says a lot from me. 

He does answer his phone, return calls, and return chats on his Facebook page.  That is huge to me.   

His strategy is to write offers on dozens of properties, and if he gets short sale/bank approval, only then does he view the properties and decide if the investment is worthwhile.   He defends this practice because he "lives in Hawaii and buys 50 houses a year"  He "doesn't have the time to look at every house."  It might be a good bulk purchase strategy, but it's disingenuous and does waste the time of agents, sellers, title companies.....everyone's time but his.   Unfortunately, it ties up the property with no certainty of sale.  In my short sale, he wrote a non-contingent offer -- but then claimed at final walkthrough that the condition of the property had changed.  This is a distressed property --- in terrible condition - but no worse than it was when it went on the market.  Listing agents should be cautious.  

I just received an email message from him this morning "claiming" I had just signed up for his website.  I had no clue who this guy was so I did a search for him here on BP to see if he poached my email address that way.   

@Tamara Kucik sounds like he's taking Tommy Vu's approach from the infomercials of years ago.  

Either way I didn't sign up to his website and I don't want his emails. 

@Darren Sager  Dave Del Dotto was the first to film his shows from Hawaii with Bikini clad women on the beach you too could have it all  LOL.

Del Dotto went on to make millions of course and he know owns some kick butt wineries in the Napa Valley.. one of them I used live right across the street.. and would take friends there for wine tasting on the last tour of the day and he would usually sit and regale us with tale of his infomercial days... engaging guy for sure... 

So I found out how I got on Greg Norman's email list.  Turns out that a wholesaler here in NJ went and added me to his NJ buyer's list (without asking me first) & sends out a message which includes Greg Norman.  The original sender didn't blind carbon copy everyone on the message so Greg went and poached my email from the message and decided on his own to sign me up to his list.  He said it was because he thought I was an investor too.  Regardless of the fact that I am, no one should do this.  It's no different if someone came onto BP and started checking out everyone's profiles and building a spam list that way.  Build your business by good practices, providing good service, and not by spamming people.

Disclosure: no

Greg is for real. I have  done  wholesale  deals with greg.

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