Lazy Millionaire System

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Hello BP!! Does anyone have any insight on the Lazy Millionaire System? Good .. Or  Bad

Thanks Mark

This seems like another Guru type of system.  Honestly why spend money for something you can get for free here on BP?

Tons of articles and podcasts on wholesaling.  If I was in your shoes I would skip Lazy and go with the podcasts from real people that aren't out to profit from it.

save your money 
you on the best site going 
get to reading 
good luck
@Mark Petrik

I don't believe there is such a thing as a lazy millionaire... 

Don't buy into the guru systems, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

I second what @Brent Paul said, BP has so many great resources and there is tons and tons of useful information on here. Start reading!

Learning happens where you find it.


The only Lazy Millionaire we know is a Politician & yet never held a real job, that we know of.

Since no one bothered to answer your question directly.  I will.....I have bought the system....In fact I have purchased several systems from Jerry Norton and Peter Conti.   Can you get the information else where....yes.....I look at it like can buy a loaf of bread from the bakery outlet store, from the grocery store, from convenience store, or from a gas station....but the further you get from that outlet store...the more your pay and the bread become suspect..... I think it's like anything else someone is trying to sell you on.   Can you see how it will benefit you.  Was the course beneficial to me.....yes but so is Bigger Pockets.  It just depends on how you see it benefiting you and what you are trying to accomplish.  But whether you choose to learn from Bigger Pockets only or Bigger Pockets and Jerry Norton or anyone else,  there is a cost.....time or money or choose.

Hi Aaron-

The question with the Lazy millionare system is it dictates how can fish for motivated seller using the automated deal finder/ data cruncher and anaylze using dela analyzer and then even be able to connect to invester all through one system. But does the system real works, has anyone in BP used it within the 6mn-1 yr and will it work in todays economy to be able to STILL do wholesale deals.  Unfortunately the internet is full of gurus syaing their system is better and faster any anyone can work it.  But we know you can be lazy when pursuing Real estate there is always needs to be leg work or else the Guru will be keeping to themselves and let their team bring all the deals to their office.

@Mark Petrik:  I 2nd what Aaron Murrell said about choice, cost, and quality. Let's not compare apples to oranges, and expect equality. I've purchased a boat load (bookcase load, to be exact) of courses, workbooks, CDs, and tapes.  I've been to countless workshops, bootcamps, and 3-day intensives. They weren't necessarily "bad", they were just incomplete. Or maybe they just didn't speak to my learning style, who knows; but we can't discount all education. Then I tried to go out and do it on my own. I read and educated myself online, and did a tremendous job. I was constantly complimented on what I knew...but it was what I "didn't know" that cost me money. I lost so much money on my 1st deal, that it made me physically ill. A couple years later, I was re-introduced to a complete education system, that has been "it" for me. I could have become cynical regarding education, I could have decided all education was bad, but I decided to keep my mind open; and I'm so thankful that I did. It has been one of the single greatest decisions of my business life. I love BP, and have found it a phenomenal asset; I do however, dislike the fact that the majority seem to bash formal RE Education. I love the info, the advice, the connections, and the camaraderie...but for sure...bits and pieces of free info and/or advice doesn't quite compare to complete, structured education. I respect all opinions...this is mine. (My 2 cents)

it's a good basic wholesale course or information..not sure if it's worth the 97 bucks but you do have a 30 day refund period, so I decided to check it out. If you have never wholesaled a deal it might be good he does go over how to fill out contracts, which could be helpful, also I'm not sure about the deal finder, I think I can do a better job on my own. Hope that helps. 

@Mark Petrik ,

I have to agree with what @Aaron Murrell and @Cynthia Calhoun expressed.

Can you learn a lot from the folks here on BP?

Certainly - there's a lot of experience here.

...and like Cynthia, I take exception to all the negativity expressed here about paid education. Here's some of what that will get you which is harder to get here...

First off, professional people like tax attorneys, tax accountants, etc. keep busy plying their trade and profession and don't devote much time to these types of fora (or "forums", if you prefer). That's why you see so many disclaimers about no legal or finance advice being given here in the forum, though perhaps not as many as you should see.

Second, you'll not find a catalog or syllabus of forum and blog posts comprising individual curriculum elements. "Learning is where you find it", as I read in another thread earlier this evening.

Third, pay attention to how many people talk about Do-It-Yourself here in these fora as a way to lower expenses. This is not what I consider a "success" mindset, this is a "cut your losses" mindset. In my mind, success costs what it costs - focus on the return, not the magnitude of the investment.

It should be common knowledge by now here on BP that I'm affiliated with an REI education company. There isn't an occasion that goes by when I don't see "Recent Forum Posts" for threads started by people who could have found their own answers in a basic "REI 101" curriculum of essential studies.

Take a look for yourself...

Under that tab off the BP menu, how many of those posts do you find right now? ... under such headings as "New Member Introductions", "Starting Out", "General Real Estate Investing", etc. ?

Even National REIA has its own fledgling National REIA University with some classes (NOT free, by the way). This national organization of REIAs even recognizes the need for "formal" - or, at least, organized - REI Education.

At least here on BP you can pay "nothing" and get something, though, perhaps, not what you expect. You do get what you pay for, however.

I'll let it go at that lest I be accused of marketing in this forum (* GASP * did he really say, "marketing" ???!!! Grab your torch and pitchfork!)

There is a term used to describe a lazy millionaire - "soon to be broke".

So I'm curious, @Cynthia Calhoun what was the formal education you purchased that did it for you?

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