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Afternoon all,

I was hoping some of you may have some recommendations for a book (or books) on commercial real estate investing. I have a background in zoning, land planning, and construction but am looking to fill in some gaps when it comes to developing and purchasing commercial properties I am currently interested in multi-family and office space but the book could be comprehensive. Anyone have any recommendations for technical books covering commercial real estate evaluation, laws, and development. A recommendation for a textbook that any of you have liked on these topics would be great. Really appreciate your time!


@Kyle J. for commercial development I recommend "Real Estate Development: Principals and Process. Third Edition" - it's hefty but has the technical level of detail you're asking about. 

For office I recommend, How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing. The title suggests it is all commercial real estate - which it is - however, Craig's focus is office and the book slants office. 

For apts, I recommend, The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apts by Steve Berges. I actively do multifamily and found this book helpful when I was getting started. 

@Joe Fairless

 Thanks for the response! I ordered all three from Amazon and already finished "How to Win...". Really easy read and a good fundamentals book. "Real Estate Development: Principals and Process" arrives tomorrow so I'll let you know how I like it once I dig in.

Again, thanks for your time and input.

@Joe Fairless ftw.

I also found What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow...and 36 Other Key FInancial Measures by Frank Gallinelli a must have.

@Douglas Dowell

 Thanks! I'll have to check that one out too.

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