Joe Calloway, Pittsburgh, PA- Real Estate Training?

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I see this Joe Calloway in the news, in the paper, and at the ACRE meetings sometimes and hes definitely energetic / obviously a big player (owns something like 400 houses). Did anyone go to his course? Is it worth it? Does he know what he's talking about?

HI Bill, I saw Joe speak this past weekend.  I'm not sure on the number of houses he and his company own and operate but anyone that has as many as he does, definitely has some words of wisdom.  I'm not sure which course you are referring to however, he spoke for a 4 hour session.  

I'm a relatively new player in the game with a few rentals myself and I work exclusively with investors as a real estate agent with Keller Williams.  I'm more than happy to help you out with regards to your investment portfolio.

I'm not sure how new you are but there are several meetups around the Pittsburgh area worth attending as well.  You might even spot Joe there.  In fact, I think he's on BP too.



Joe and I are good friends. He and his team have been the largest home buyer in the City of Pittsburgh for the past few years. Joe is a great guy and has a great handle on how to systematize a business - in particular buying and managing residential real estate. Besides being a landlord he also flips homes.

I like his style. He tells it like it is. Personally I can't think of anyone else in the Pittsburgh area who does what he does and is willing to share their experiences. There's lots of people talking about real estate - not many who are doing it at the level he is.

As for his course, these guys really love doing the business and are opening up to help others grow their businesses and to possibly help them see a different way of doing things. Given their success, they obviously aren't selling a course because they can't make money doing anything else. Also, the course is only a few hundred dollars - basically free given the value it can add to your business.

The cost to attend this event was well worth the knowledge shared.  What they charged probably covered the donuts, drinks and paper so you know they are not out to make money during their training sessions.  There was some theory for beginners and some actionable tips for seasoned investors.  I think the RE360 team is a great asset to Pittsburgh because they share what they are doing in the hope to help you achieve more of your real estate goals.

Hi Bill, There was a good article about the residential acquisition volume in the post gazette last year or two years ago. RE360 took the top spot with $1MM+ in acquisitions. PPM may have been up there on the list too. I believe they recently did a rehab project in Allentown and they definitely have laid claim to where my primary base in the South Side is. Joe is definitely on the move and probably has some wisdom to impart, i would shoot him a linkedin invite and see what he says.

It's always nice to take a class from people who want to teach you because they love what they're doing. Joe loves what he does and is happy to share. There was no pitch at the end to buy a $10,000 course that will tell you all his "secrets" just straight forward advice. 

I agree with the positive comments above. It was a great session and well worth the time and minimal charge. Joe speaks from the heart and is open about his business which is always appreciated. As real estate investors we are constantly asked to open our wallets to the next "best" thing out there. There was none of that from Joe - Just a willingness to share. Thanks Joe.

Ditto on the kudos for Joe Calloway. Not only is he "doing the thing", he's doing a lot of the thing. He is also very unconventional in his presentation style. You will not be bored. He is an inspiration to someone who aspires to be a big hitter as well as the person who wants a retirement supplement.

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I have been to a couple of joe calloway's lecture, as part of our local REI group functions. I seem to always make it when he talks, and always take away something from him.

I like that he is an average "joe" like you and me! he makes REI simple and easy, and doesn't make it seem like it all complicated.

his attitude is IF I CAN, YOU CAN TOO.  There isn't any sales pitch.  I think he has been asked to these courses by popular demand ;p  

I attended Joe Calloway's Construction for Investors on August 8th, 2015. I thought both the tour and presentation portions of the class were extremely detailed and added a lot of value. We learned what to do, what not to do, what to look for during inspections, pricing structures, and more. I had a great time and will definitely attend another class.

I took the Joe Galloway Construction for Investors Bus Tour and found it very beneficial! Being able to see the different house sites the his company was working on was very helpful! Joe is a very energetic and positive person.  Thanks Joe for being so accessible and open about you experiences!

I am glad all of you have enjoyed the classes. This definitely gives me the motivation to bring the next chapter in the upcoming months. I will get more details out by the end of the week.

@Joe Calloway Awesome, looking forward to it, Joe.

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