Mentor in Niagara Reigion Ontario

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Hi, my name is Alex and I am17 years old. I really want to start investing in real estate and have a good understanding of most of the concepts. I'm just missing someone to teach me how to apply all the concepts that I have learned about, by either reading, following along in the forums or in the BP podcasts. I am looking for a willing mentor, (preferably in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario) to show me how these concepts apply to real life situations. I am extremely motivated and hoping that someone will take a chance and help me get started!

Hey Alex...I live in Port Colborne too! I just happened to be a very accomplished house flipper and would be happy to meet with you to see how I can help you. I only wish I got a start that young. PM me your information and we can meet up. 

My partner Stephanie Schaeffer is a real estate agent at Royal Lepage Niagara and we are running an outdoor movie night called Films to Fight Hunger Saturday night. You're welcome to come out and maybe we can meet you there. We won't really have time to talk shop, but at least we can meet and exchange info. 

Talk soon,

Thanks Dave, I have heard about your company and have read a little bit about it. I would love to meet up with you!

Hopefully we will see you at our event...I'm always happy to help out a newbie :-)

Hello! I am looking for Niagara Falls Property managers to take over management of a duplex I own in Niagara Falls. Do you have anyone that you would recommend? 

I am currently living in Niagara Falls and just recently became a license real estate agent and I'm looking for an experienced wholesale to intern for or a property management opportunity.

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