Jason Lucchesi Solicitations, is it a Scam

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@Jason Lucchesi , I think @Alex Hamilton was attempting to get a disinterested third party opinion. I understand the feeling. Personally I'm pretty skeptical about any "guru" offering to save the day, so please bear with my cynical attitude.

So, how does your program work?

I heard in your program you don't offer a $something-97 during your presentation, but rather ask the audience to fill out an application. I'm kind of curious what happens after that? Does someone call to convince me to spend a fortune on a suite of training programs?

I think most of us wonder whether we ourselves or others we know even need "guru" programs at all. The statistics indicate that something like 95% of the people who buy a training regime never do any deals at all. They never take action or they fail and lose the initiative or something else goes wrong. They never even make up the cost of the training that they should never have paid for in the first place.

The remaining 5% who go on to have some level of success are probably the ones who would have likely succeeded anyway. In fact without wasting money on a "guru" they may well have gotten further faster. These action takers are the sort of folks that end up in testamonials saying that it was easy.

So, what is your program really like? 

Are you like the other "gurus", bleeding the wanna-be investors before someone else does it? Or, are you actually out there helping to develop newbies into successful entrepreneurs? That's what people who ask about you want to know. 

@Tom Mole , there's nothing for sale on our strategy sessions. We discuss your business, and how I could potentially help you. If there's not a fit for us to work together, then you gain some valuable information absolutely for free on our 45-60 minute call, and if you would like to work together, we continue the conversation. The strategy session calls aren't for everybody, I understand that.

I don't have some program-in-a-box that fixes everything or a push-button software that creates money out of thin air. There's no invitation to a 400+ person live event to where you get motivated, and run to the back of the room to purchase some home study program. If that's what people want, than I tell folks we're not the right fit for each other.

Nothing is ever easy by the way. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful in real estate. There's no such thing as an "overnight" success. 

Hopefully this answers your question.


I tried to contact you regarding your assignment contract (it was passed on to me by a well known attorney in REI) and the potential issues with it, you refused to speak with me about it. Why should someone believe you have their best interest at heart and will mentor/teach them the proper way to invest?


Originally posted by @Account Closed :


I tried to contact you regarding your assignment contract (it was passed on to me by a well known attorney in REI) and the potential issues with it, you refused to speak with me about it. Why should someone believe you have their best interest at heart and will mentor/teach them the proper way to invest?


Nick, I've never used assignment contracts within my real estate investing business. The document you may be speaking of is a document I gave to attorney, Jeff Watson. Jeff was collecting assignment contracts for various real estate professionals so that he could craft an actual legal document since so many assignment contracts out there are illegal. To the best of my knowledge Jeff Watson and Brian Meara dismissed after they found out about all of the circumvention you did, and also by violating intellectual property. This isn't me pointing fingers, but having this come directly from both Jeff and Brian.

As far as assignment contracts go, I always students to seek legal counsel within their state, and/or just use a transactional funder to do an A-B B-C transaction. I'm not attorney so therefore I have students speak directly with someone within their state that knows the law.

Wow Jason, quick response 10 months later. Explain what I circumvented and the intellectual property I violated. Please don't take 10 months to respond this time. 

WOW is right, I started a financial or real estate Guru War. But, got it clear.  If you purchased a property and sold or rented it at a profit.  The Steps you took are as valuable as that of a Mentor to me.  So Share, and I will Share in Kind.  But, on BP, use the Market Place to outline the transaction that will result in Passive Income

Just reading through this I am wondering what @Alex Hamilton is trying to accomplish here, his first post does have a valid question but then after @Jason Lucchesi responds with a very reasonable "what questions do you have?" @Alex Hamilton then makes a post irrelevant to the conversation. I think @Tom Mole hit it on the money that Alex is just looking for some disinterested parties, but to what end I can't really see. @Account Closed your response was very juvenile, I didn't take 10 months to write that. 

Mr. Bredthauer, Alex Hamilton just accomplished his end, and Tom Mole was almost right.  Got you to get involved in the conversation about Financial or real estate information Gurus Mike.  Remember, it was Alex Hamilton who started the conversation in the first place, meaning nothing in ill faith.  So back to whats relevant.  Anyone have any experience with Jason's Program? 

Your post title is using his name and saying "is it a scam" while your question within the post is "does anyone have any experience with his program". It would seem if you really wanted to know from those who had experience with his program, your post title would simply ask that, however you lead people to the conclusion that it is a scam. 

@Account Closed you should really contact attorney Jeff Watson and Brian Meara about this. I'm not even sure why you brought my name into the mix about an assignment contract. I think in all honesty you're trying to stir the pot for no apparent reason when you don't even know me. If you did know me you'd know I don't use assignment contracts and never have. Good luck to you Nick. 

http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/search?body=jason%20lucchesi, is who you may have a problem with as I Don't know ya Nick, these people indicated here may know you and they are who "stir the pot" and should contact the attorney.  Alex Hamilton is a disinterested party so, good Luck on what ever it is you are talking about

@Alex Hamilton , your sorta making my point that your here to bash @Jason Lucchesi by posting a link to this post that is has a sole purpose to bring negative opinions of Jason.  I took the time to look at the link from ripoffreport.com, and I have to say, it does not help your case. Whomever made the report was upset with Jack Bosch and his Land Profits Generator program, not the program or the person you are asking about in your post. 

So sorry I started this discussion.  I usually only use the Market Place as the Bottom Line is real estate investors invest in real estate period.   But, I wanted to know if there was any experience with a service offered , in order for me to decide if I wanted to use the service due to others calling it a "Scam" not me.   I don't know anything about anyone responding. Don't know who is who is legit or who is not, who is a guru or even human I don't care really.

All B.S. aside.

It appears this "guru" has some battle scars.

Looks like he may have even had his wife caught up in the scam.


... LLC, Jason and Jamie Lucchesi (owners of Global Fortune Solutions, LLC), real estate agent Becky .....Federal Loan Group ... Statewide Federal Assistance ..... The Henry County case is still pending and set for trial on December, 19, 2012.

Jason Lucchesi, Your system educate people to scam and avoid indictments?

Obviously, you beat this case and/or copped a plea deal. 

How many transactions have you completed in the last year?

@Matt Jones  I'm not sure why you're bringing up a case you obviously don't even comprehend. If you have questions about the case in reference it's been closed. You can contact the Attorney General and/or my attorney for further details if you wish since you're such a smart person. I'm not sure what your actual angle was at adding to this post but you obviously are seeking out attention of some sorts. Keep my family out of your mouth. Let's remain professional here. I know it's easy to rattle off the keyboard and not have to look someone face-to-face as they try to throw out "false" information. 

@Alex Hamilton  I'd highly recommend not listening to everyone on the internet. If you want the facts get the facts. This guy pulled up a document from 5 years ago. Don't just assume the worst in everyone. Get the facts if you want them. I have absolutely nothing to hide.