Anybody Success Stories With The Broker Certification with Lee Arnold? Good/Bad?

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HI everybody, I'm considering shelling out $2,497 based on Connected Investors recommendation. Has anybody had any success with this? Ross Hamilton is recommending this guy because they are personal friends. But is it any good?

HI Jay, @Jay Hinrichs

Here is the link from the email I got from Ross. It's pretty convincing, but I see there are some complaints about this Lee and his program.

OK I guess the link won't work posted, so here it is again: 

https://new. connected investors .com/brokermoney-ondemand?inf_contact_key=b7e7db3c28c9600503a2fefdbf656da3821aa877466273597de3d4fa78ddd330

Copy the new link but remove the space in the domain name.

@David Schroeder

 yes this is the Spokane group.. they have a MLM type set up.. were you pay a monthly fee to access their hard money..and you bird dog for investors and loans.

the issue is not every state you can do either of those things legally without property licensing.  So at some point some of the states will start to give them cease and desist.

other than that just another information marketer ... I have seen COGO capital bandied about.. Not sure if they close many deals.

And I am on their e mail list for new HML opps.. they have one or two a week..

So as with most MLM the little guys don't make much and the owners make a killing.

I took the course. I have had nothing but an incredible relationship with Lee's staff from all of his companies. I have generated over $300,000.00 in broker fees since taking the Private Money Broker cert. I am taking the Master course this year.