Are these seminars legit??

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How legitimate are these seminars like "Than Merrill''s Real Estate Class"?

The initial meetings are longer infomercials. They are trying to sell you. The goal is to get you to sign up to be on the training program. You will be learning a ton about real estate, but I don't know if it isn't something that you won't get from a podcast.  What I will say about Fortune Builders is that I know of plenty students that are successful, so it is effective for those that capitalize on the program.

As I have stayed in the business longer, I have found that seminars more effective. I am able to refine the techniques that I already use, as apposed to being bombarded by ideas. I have heard many times; if I only learn one thing that I will use in by business then this seminar was totally worth it. I think that taking just one thing/idea at a time is a good method. I don't think you want to totally rework your business just off one seminar. Probably the best part of seminars is that they are kinda like a giant meetings, its a great way to network. 

Thanks and thanks again, you affirmed my assumption.

I think you should go and check it out whatever they are offering for free! It really energizes you about going into the real estate field!

@Derrick Weatherly

  depends on how you best learn .... If your the type that is totally self motivated and can learn on line.. then most of what you get other than inflection is available on line at numerous web sites and companies including this website.  I think this type of site is nice for ideas and to hear tales of how others do it.. but many times people need interaction with others to really get the deals going.

As well as and I think this is the main point... What is your financial condition.. if spending 3k or 10k on a seminar is just as simple as cutting a check .. then its no biggee.. But going into debt can be a huge problem for most... I know its there life.. but the reality is only 1 out of 10 or 20 will actually do anything with the info.. And these guys all have that disclosure at the bottom of their websites.. And its the same for BP the same 10% on this site probably do 80% of the deals being done by all 300k people who have signed up on BP.. that has been what others have said and I would tend to agree.

And remember the companies are all interchangeable.. they use some form of fulfillment company to do all the training etc.. the Celebrity personalities are figure heads generally speaking.  But if you pay the money and it creates a new career for you who can argue with that... I know this is not common sentiment on this particular site.. But a lot of folks on this site cringe at paying for any kind of education  LOL... and some really cringe if your talking 10's of thousands because in their market that's the price of a dog gone house.

Good luck with it.

But if your on a limited budget and want a Career and not just try to make fast bucks then study and get a RE license and go into a niche of RE that interest you.. there is much more success generally in that then trying to wing it on your own... and if you get with a good brokerage you can earn and you learn.. not starve and go into debt.  James Wise posted above and he owns a RE brokerage I Cleveland that specializes in investor deals and is hiring agents he will teach them the game and pay them as they learn.. so that's one way and probably more sustainable over time.

Than has a wealth of knowledge and gives some useful information. However as expected there is a hard sell at the end. The free invite is designed to get 500+ dollars out of a percentage of the participants.

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