Anthony Charra Intel?

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Anyone ever hear of him or attend his boot camp? He focuses on apartment complexes. Because I'm a member of the REIA in New Orleans I can attend a 1-day seminar for $20, but I didn't sign up for the 4-day boot camp for about a grand. Any experience with him or his materials? Thanks.

Hey, FWIW, I attended a 1-day seminar (cost me $20) and in my humble opinion, his info was good, he gave lots of practice on how to analyze 5+ unit multifamilies, and thought it was worth while. Still trying to decide if I'll attend the 4-day workshop that's being offered at a discount (I think $995). I talked with him and he said this info is out there, but he condenses it and makes it digestible in a short period of time, which was sort of my take on it. So, nothing he said couldn't be found in a good book like Frank Gallinelli's cash flow book, but he also offers a lot of rules of thumb (also in the book) and other tips (not in the book) and while he does teach about real estate investment (mostly apartments), he's an active investor, and seems credible. Anyone have any other experience with him? Thought I'd post an update.

Disclosure: I am him. lol

I think he's awesome!!!! Really knows his stuff!!! lol

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