Looking for Charlotte, NC Rehab/New Construction Projects & Reliable, Seasoned Contacts

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Hi Y'all!

I've submitted a few offers on a few new construction opportunities in Charlotte and need some recommendations for the following:

  • Boots-on-ground partners because I live in ATL,
  • Surveyors,
  • Permit expeditors in Mecklenburg county, and
  • General contractors and builders.

I'm also open to JV arrangements where all parties are invested.

Super excited to hear from you!

- Abhi

Hey there Abhi Golhar I'm here in charlotte primarily wholesaling but looking to start rehabbing if you would like to connect feel free to shoot me and email : [email protected] gmail. Com I'm open to partnership...

This post has been removed.

Hi @Abhi Golhar I think we touched base on a previous post of yours. I know you mentioned being in the Charlotte area perhaps later this week. If you're free I'm always happy to grab a beer and talk over the latest and greatest in the area. I'm no expert but I have made it a point to follow up with city's new construction planning this year so I may home some insight that would be helpful to you. Just let me know.


@Jasmine S. - absolutely! I'll give you a buzz when I get into Charlotte in the morning!

Sounds good!

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