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Has any of the California members had any experience with Sam Sadat's Sam's RE Club?  I've attended a number of the monthly events and I found them quite helpful and informative. His membership is reasonable compared to other gurus I've found and he provides a lot of ongoing education and helpful resources.  In addition, he concentrates solely on California, which is particularly helpful to me, since I live here. I'm on the verge of signing up with his ongoing program, which is $1,000 for life, plus $9.99 per month.

Please let me know your experiences with him, if any.



@Steven Roffer Did you ever look in to this further?  I am also curious.  There are many great Yelp reviews, but I honestly don't trust any online review system ;)

I am going to attend my first meeting with sams real estate club in 2 hours and was trying to find any helpful reviews from people who already attended his seminars or purchased any deals through them but with no luck.

I dont think i can rely on yelp reviews for such an investing thing.

@Steven Roffer Did you end up siging with them? and how was it?

Any feedback is hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I did sign up w/ Sam's Real Estate Club.  It has been very helpful and I think it's worth the $1K membership fee since it is an ONGOING resource/education (not just a one time class).  Sam is the real deal.  He knows what he's talking about and he has personally helped me analyze a fix and flip deal that I've put an offer on.  He is a bright guy (physics degree/background) and is very resourceful.  The only downside I've seen so far is it can take him a couple day to respond to emails, but that's because he's very busy helping other VIP members or doing his own deals (which is fine).  Otherwise, I think it's helpful to have an experienced mentor to help give the advice/confidence that you might sometimes need.   Of course, the networking opportunities will be valuable as well.

I was also thinking of attending his meetings. 

Anyone else have any testimony on Sam?

I wanted to reach out again and see if anyone has any testimonial on Sam?

I attended his meeting this month June 1st, and I really enjoy listening to Sam. I am new to Investing, and I do not know anything about it, I attend to be a student and listen. Sam was introduced to me by a friend, and I am thankful she invited me. One thing I love about Sam is his motivation. He spends 99% most of his time motivating, lecturing, and being a mentor in all aspects of life, not just real estate. He spent .05% of his time on his "VIP Membership", which I enjoy about him, he doesn't sell you, he teaches you. I've attended 3 meetings in the past 2 years unfortunately, I do not know Sam on a personal level, I'm just a regular Joe who goes to learn and listen, and once I feel comfortable and continue the positive meetings, I hope to do the VIP Mentorship II. Good luck, hope this helped. 

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