has anyone fully read Brandon's "how to invest low and no money down"?

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im sure the book is great. yet im interested in knowing how much it has to offer the beginner investor who is not able to leverage their own credit.  if you have read please let me know your thoughts. 

I downloaded the audio book to listen too at work. So far I do like it.  I've only listened to 3 chapters.  I have a few different books by at least 5 different authors. I don't read them cover to cover. I just skip forward to the section I want to learn about.  I too am new and wanting to get started with little money so I don't waste my time on filling my head full of stuff I'm not ready for right now.  I'm trying to focus on a few strategies and learn all I can and go try those then expand and try new things. 

The problem I usually have is missing links in the process. Alot of books will give you an overview of what you can do going from A to Z. They tell you where you can go but not how to get there. I like this one in that I noticed right away that he did take the effort to break down some of the steps and try to paint a picture for you with the little stories. Plus its readable.  Well I wasn't reading it I was listening to it while doing my drafting job, yet even multitasking I was able to retain some of the info. 

I get multiple books and I think they are all worth it.  Some focus a little differently so you get the whole picture.  Some are on taking action and others are on how to but you'll never take action if you don't know how to. As a kid my brother and the other boys in my neighborhood would watch A-team and MacGyver because they realised that there was always component left out when they would construct their diversions and explosions. So if you wanted to learn to make a bomb you had to hope that MacGyver covered what A-team left out and Vise Versa. 

I think it depends what kind of personality you are compared to the authors writing style.  It may be a great book for some people while others don't like it that doesn't make it bad it just wasn't for them.  Like if your a Calculated person you're not going to want the hype books that seek to encourage and motivate you just want the Input.  Yet if your a timid person you may feel overwhelmed by to much information and the motivation may be what you need to get your breakthrough. So far I think it does a good job of giving information but I skipped the first few chapters that are generally take action overcome your fears type stuff because I just wanted more info. 

I really enjoyed the book and I read it cover to cover (except for skimming the veterans section as it does not apply to me).

If you are a total beginner living in an expensive area, it is important to know all of the levers you can pull to secure your first property. Brandon does an excellent job of defining and explaining many tools that can be combined to get your first investment. For example, I had never heard of a 203k loan before, but now understand that it is an extremely effective instrument.

Disclosure: I don't know the guy, never met him before in my life, he may not even exist in reality, I don't know. :)

The book is recommended if you can stand the corn. It's an over view looking out, you don't get to ride the donkey to the bottom of the canyon, that's another ticket. :) 

Originally posted by @J Scott:
Originally posted by @Kimi McCarty:

I don't read them cover to cover. I just skip forward to the section I want to learn about. 


The problem I usually have is missing links in the process. 

Hmmm...perhaps the issue is more obvious than you thought...  :-)

And yes, Brandon's book is awesome...

 Hahaha ok! You got me that does sound stupid when you put it that way.  LOL!  I have read books cover to cover and I have a little experience. I'm at a point where I'm looking for specific things so I got the book as a reference in my attempt to figuring out something specific. So i admit i didnt read the whole thing but i like what i read I found it helpful and so far from what I've read I would recommend it.

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