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We apologize if you see this twice! We think we posted this on the wrong forum so we are not getting any responses do to this mistake. Thanks in advance for the understanding! 

Hi BP members!! This will be our first post on the forums so please bare with us. 

So we received a call from a lady working for Renatus called Christina and she offered the mentoring we were looking for. She asked a series of questions which involved some finacial ones and then sent us an email in which that email had a link. The link took you to a web page that had three different videos for you to watch. Before watching these videos, we took it upon ourselves to research about Renatus on BiggerPockets to see what others thought and we were glad we did!! After reading the discussion about Renatus on BP we decided it was best for us to move on our way and leave Renatus for others that feel it will benefit them. 

Christina called us back the next day and asked why we did not sign up or view the videos. We politely said, "after further investigation on Renatus, we decided it is not in our best interest to move forward with their company". Christina then became argumentative towards us while proceeding to sell us on the idea of joining! She told us if we did not join Renatus, we would not find any mentor that would help us for free because we have nothing to offer them!! When we told her we would offer them a deal or some type a partnership, she laughed in our face and said good luck on finding that mentor, call us back when you realize no one will help you.

We were shocked how unprofessional and negative Renatus was! What are all of your thoughts! Please share your opinions   because we would like to know. Thank you in advance for all of your replies and thank you BP members for saving us from Renatus!!!


Enrique and Melissa Serrano 

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@Enrique S. ,

Sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. Rest assured that is the exception and not the norm.

That said, the person with whom you spoke did not "work for Renatus". We who market the education are Independent Marketing Affiliates, or "IMAs". Essentially, we are self-employed in that pursuit. Most are not expert in marketing when they start out and commit many faux pas as they learn the ropes. My apologies for your experience.

With the exception of myself and three or four others on these forums, the people who post about Renatus on BP have no first-hand experience with Renatus. If you look Renatus up on BBB (if you believe in BBB) you will find the that they have received only five complaints, only two of which were not resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Renatus has an A+ plus rating on BBB but is NOT BBB-accredited - which means they EARNED that A+, they didn't buy it.

If you had taken the time to view the videos you'd be a step ahead of the nay-sayers and negative people who post speculation and conjecture about Renatus while knowing nothing about it.

I've become a big believer in REI education since I discovered this group which does not just "ride into town" not knowing the local market, sell a 3-day "bootcamp" which is really just an up-sell to a more expensive product, then take off to the next city. Where I am here in suburban Chicago we have a group of active investors - all Renatus students - who got started as a group BEFORE the crash - 2007, survived the crash and continue to grow in their prosperity as investors because of their education. We have so many in our group now we need to move to a larger venue than the one we are currently renting for our weekly meetings and twice-monthly workshops.

Oh, and the classes are on-line and available 24x7. Take the classes as fast as you want or as slow as you need. No travelling to a hotel, paying three days (or more) accommodations and meals then sitting in banquet hall for 9 or 10 hours for three days only to be sold something that costs more than an Italian super-car.

Even if you decide to not look into Renatus any further, by all means - do learn REI before you undertake your first investments. Although the BP forums and blogs are not arranged into a syllabus of "classes" there IS a lot of good information to be had here. Your data mining skills will serve you well.

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Wow, that was really bad to hear/read.  Look, let me be honest.  I'm in the RENATUS community.  They are people; plain and simple. 

Not everyone is truly professional and many take perceived rejection personally.

You already know you need to find what works best for you.  Keep in mind, that our RENATUS community is a large group of investors and people that are learning to be.  The RENATUS company is an education company with a bonus added-on. A lot more and nothing less.

David explained things very well. Don't keep a sour taste in the mouth for one bad apple.   There's more in the tree.

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