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Has anyone seen his dvd and products? 

Yes, I have. He specializes in seller financing deals and works on selling the house to people that has bad credit to buy it from them. He's also on youtube.

Originally posted by @Matthew Ceryes:

Yes, I have. He specializes in seller financing deals and works on selling the houses to people that has bad credit to buy it from them. He's also on youtube.

thanks. I was just looking for documents to use for his program of buy and sale

I actually bought Marko Rubel's Foreclosure Investing System and like Matthews said it teaches seller financing.  I will say that I have bought my share of investing courses but his course is actually good.  It is in my opinion very complete as he talks about the subject matter in good detail.

I also have Marco's courses (both the Foreclosure Explained and the Niche 2 Wealth System), and agree that they are very enlightening. I researched him and his team before I bought into it and watched the webinars. He does in fact state that there is NO get rich scheme or short cuts, this business takes a lot of studying and action. He also states that the tactics used in his system have been around for a long time and used by a lot of people. What his system does is streamline them and couple them with in-depth and detailed information. I have also attended one of his 4 day seminars, and intend to attend again. Marko and his team seam sincere to me and at this point I intend to stick with the system. It is my opinion that it is well worth the investment. I do understand that all the information in his courses is available here and elsewhere on the internet, however, the courses he supplies brings it all together in manuals and DVD's which makes it easier (for me at least) to find and review the material. The above post is only my opinion and observation as my experience with Marko so far is only positive.

There is nothing wrong with second opinions though, which would explain why I am also on BP.  I like to have other venues available, thus keeping my options open.

Originally posted by @Karl Smith :

I actually bought Marko Rubel's Foreclosure Investing System and like Matthews said it teaches seller financing.  I will say that I have bought my share of investing courses but his course is actually good.  It is in my opinion very complete as he talks about the subject matter in good detail.

 Can you learn the whole system with one purchase or do you have to go for the upsell to the $14000 diamond club or $350 a month training?

Hello Richard, you can learn the system with the initial purchase, and remember it works with any property, not just foreclosures, the important feature is finding "motivated sellers". The tactics will be a little different for non-foreclosure properties, however, it is a solid plan. It is not absolutely necessary to join the Diamond club, however it helps. If you have the course, or plan to purchase it, you should evaluate your position at that time as to whether you feel you could benefit from further investment. I have found that a lot of the questions which arise from Marko's system are fairly generic and can be answered on this forum, so as I said it is not imperative although beneficial. The system which Marko teaches is used by a lot of investors in much the same way, some areas however have been "streamlined" with very detailed explanations. In summery: Marko's courses are not required to succeed in this business, nor is any further investing in his courses or materials. This is a decision which each person must answer for themselves as we all have slightly different needs and budgets. I personally went the extra mile and invested in both the Foreclosure Explained and Niche 2 Wealth courses, I have also attended one of his live training events. The information I have attained coupled with the information from this forum has given me great insight as to the strategies needed to succeed.

I hope this helps answer your question,

Happy Investing!

How much is the initial purchase?  I certainly don't want to spend $14,000.

Originally posted by @Brian Gibbons :

If you're interested in Marko Rubel you may want to go on Kindle and he has a few books for two dollars or so

There are no concepts that he teaches that aren't on BP for free

 Hello Brian , 

the thing about Marko Rubel which i noticed there , because i watched his webinar twice is that , he is trying to convenience everybody that his business model and strategies of financial solutions are the best through getting the profit by ownership , which is not taxable like as a capital gain , and it is the best model for the real estate growth now compared to the last 5 years of recovery after the 2008 market crash , while the money of wholesaling or flipping are not capital gain are taxable big time compared to that , so those models are not convenient to the current market and it's progression , i wanted to discuss this idea with , i do not think that is absolutely true , any ideas 


Ehab T   

Does anyone have the Marko DVD set? I will pay $200 

I can sell you for $200

Steven, thank you for your insight into Marko Rubel's programs.  I've purchased his "Getting Started with Subject To" program which is simply the first unit of his more comprehensive "Unlimited Funding" program.  I wanted to get a better feel of his offerings before I drop a grand for the UF course  Of course, there are frequent references to other units of the UF course which I don't have access to, but, still some good information and videos.  However, I'm curious to ask you, and don't feel obligated to answer, how much you've spent on Marko's courses, seminars, and live training and do you feel it was a worthy investment?  (i.e. did you make you money back using his systems?)  Thank you.

I am thinking of buying Markos if system an I was wondering has anyone else bought it an how long did it take you to start generating income from his system 

I will pay 300 of any one would be willing to sell his system 

I am willing to pay for his system.

Ok I know I should not have done it but I did I was on a new site and saw a unlimited funding book for $1.97. I bought it and of course it was no more than an infomercial. So I get a call the next day from a salesman for Marco Rubel wanting me to watch his webinar. He pronounces my city badly I mean I live in Louisville so I have heard it mispronounced but never this badly which is ok. But then he went on to say how many happy customers he had from my area and how good his product works here. Now I would never buy his system anyways but you would think if they were selling something in my area with a whole lot of happy customers he would know how to pronounce the name of the City. Buyer Beware this sounds like a Scam!!!

I of course have purchased subject to properties and I would suggest Ron LeGrand but really there is nothing to it I would pay for membership at local REIA and you would get much much more for a fraction of the price and most of the people there would walk you through your first subjct to or lease option

OK had to watch his Webinar what punishment I put myself through on a Saturday night why I am waiting for the kids to fall asleep. This was no more than a 1 hour commercial on his great product that you never see. Please anyone wanting to purchase his courses please try your local REIA first. Would you ever purchase a new car only from a commercial on TV telling you how great it is and never actually seeing it or driving it.

I stumbled upon Marko Rubel's webinar and some of his youtube videos.  I understand what many are saying here in regards to being able to find the information for free here on BP and even being able to ask questions.  I understand the different strategies in a sense of how they work, but what you don't find are the more specific how to's, like what forms to take and fill out, where to take them, pretty much the step by step from start to finish.  My interests and goals with Marko's program is the Mentoring, hand holding and step by step walkthroughs.

I have tried going to the local REIA, but was not able to find any mentors. It was mainly more experienced people that were there to find what they were looking for and not very much help for the brand newbie. When I was asking around looking for a mentor, the responses I would get were; just go out and make offers and learn as you go, or go try and if I ran into something bring questions to the meetings and they would try to help answer them, etc... I would rather learn what to do and not to do before blowing through a number of potential deals.

I am trying to find someone in my area that I could shadow on a couple of their deals to learn the ins and outs, even offering to do any footwork to help out.  Or splitting the profit on my first couple deals for the help.  I just haven't had much luck finding someone.  That is why I am drawn to his courses.   Although I have not purchased any as of yet, I am considering it.  If anyone has any alternative ideas or has more experience in this area, I would certainly like to hear your input and suggestions.


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