My guy is legit and I have an extra seat to his seminar

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I shopped around for a long time and sat through several live and online sales pitches for months before I found someone who was legit and genuinely interested in my success rather than just hype. I am a student in his system and so far his team has been extremely helpful and accessible. They have built my website and systemized my whole operation with well trained VA's for less then a tenth of the cost of what the other "gurus" are asking. So far I am still less than a month in and I already have a few deals in the works.

I am purposefully not saying the name because I am not trying to promote him or his products. I am writing this because I am attending one of his seminars on owner financing and lease options in Chicago on September 30th through October 3st. They are giving me the option to take a spouse or business partner. Since I have neither, I am looking for someone who is interested in taking their place. I'm trying to find someone in Chicago who may be interested in attending this training, not only because that's where it's located but also because I do not want someone from my market in IA to compete with.  This seminar is costing me and I am content to go by myself but I would hate to see it go to waste and I'm attempting to use my extra seat to offset the cost.

If your interested you can private note me on BP and we can discuss further details.

I tried to message you using the contact tab but it says your info has been blocked. Full disclosure, I'm in California and have no business in Chicago so I can't use your extra ticket, I was just wondering if you would be willing to give me the name of your legit guy off the forum. It sounds exactly like Thans deal I'm attending out here (except for the part about being cheap...!) As well most BP threads don't think it's really legit.

I've attended a couple over the years.  To me it's a waste of time unless you're going to buy into them which will costs you $8000 or more plus 50% of whatever deals you find and then they help you.

If you join your local REIA, talk to your families and friends, network and you can find all you need virtually for free.

Good Luck

@Char I am familiar with the mentor program that you're referring to. I will not mention the name because just as I'm not trying to promote my mentor neither am I trying to defame another. When I spoke with them I told them that I would either pay a flat rate for mentoring or share profit but not both because that's ridiculous. Needless to say they left me alone after that.

I have also looked into many that hype you up and then outsource their mentoring to someone in Utah who is unfamiliar with their system. I am diligent in researching this info before spending a dime.

And thank you for the local networking tip. I attend every local REI meeting within 100 miles of me and while I have received much great advice and many potential partners. None of them are able to provide the infrastructure, legal paperwork and guidance that specially pertains to the type of investing that I am doing like my mentors system does.

@Jeremy I would be happy to send you that info. What I liked best and found most unique about this particular system was how low pressure the people are. The training and products speak for themselves and you can pick from the array of options they have based on which type of investing you are more interested in doing.

In my case I got access to all the training and legal documents for less than $60/mo (1st month only $1). Once I downloaded and digested all that, I went ahead and had them build me a website and give me three months of an American virtual assistant service plus answering service for $600. Within two weeks I was getting leads and that's when I decided I needed personal training and a mentor because this was working too well for me to mess it up now. I'll admit this is where things start to be a bit costlier but at least they let me work backwards and see that it works before I spend any money on seminars. That is different than anything else available that I have researched.

That is were I am at now and why I am looking for someone outside my market to share this training with.

@Ashley I'll be in touch soon

@Ashley Yep, I've listened to it several times and that's the gist of what I am doing except thank goodness not in Texas like him, which the one state that tries to make it the most difficult. I don't know if Grant is still active on BP. I know he has a profile but he hasn't responded to me. Josh D. and Brandon Turner are much more familiar with this process than they were in that interview as you can tell from chapter 8 of Brandon's book and it's not as complicated as most people think but it is necessary to know what your doing for legal reasons. That is all explained in the training I'm taking and seminar the seminar in Chicago that I'm going to.

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