Wanted...bonus CD to "Millionaire Real Estate Investor" book

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I bought the audio version of "the Millionaire Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller from Audible recently. I am finding it to be very informative, but the narrator keeps referring to diagrams and work sheets on the "bonus CD"....well, the audio version did not come with a CD.

Does anyone out there in BP land have a bonus CD to this book that I could buy for a reasonable amount, plus shipping? I have checked eBay several times, with no luck.

Thank you....

Why don't you contact the author of the book for a copy. Just tell him you did not get the CD when you bought the book? Maybe he'll help you out. Just look for the phone number or the address inside of the jacket.

Its a digital "book on tape"...just the audio version. No actual book, or jacket. I did contact the company that made it, but they just replied that the CD is not available with the audio version. Still, maybe if I can find a printed version at the library I might be able to do something along that line.

Thanks for the idea.

No, no luck. I have it as a saved search on eBay, but nada so far. I tried borrowing the book from my local library, but their copy had already "lost" the CD, so no success there. 

Still hoping....

Don't buy a CD.  The diagrams are all on audible.com.  Just login and you should see a download link somewhere near the book (here's how I found it:  http://screencast.com/t/n6bb5HaU)

Holy Moly! Scott, thank you! I had called Audible and ASKED if the CD was available...which means I want the info ON THE CD...and the person I spoke to just said the CD was not available with the audio version...so why not tell me that the information is available ON THE AUDIBLE WEBSITE? Aaargh!

I use the Audible app from my phone, which had (and probably still has) no mention of being able to download that info.

Thank you VERY much!

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is such a great book! Kris Freeberg has compiled some fantastic (and free) notes. Use them to refresh one's memory. Find them here: http://www.makinendsmeet.com/uploads/4/7/7/8/47789111/millionaire_real_estate_investor_notes.pdf