7FigureFlipping.com what do you think about it?

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$25K?.... one word....NO! Look thru BP Resources here. There are several courses here, FREE.... Just peruse here.  Or look for podcasts, here on subjects that you want to hear and learn. Or buy Real Estate books on EBAY.com, just cheaper.   Cheers!

He's charging 25k for coaching?? Come on man... This guy, after being in the podcast circuit especially, should know people would see that coming a mile away. Anybody who charges an amount that you could then take and do a deal yourself, is not a good resource. Investing the hours in books and then finding an experienced guy (REIA, local flipper, etc) to help you through the motions : way more valuable, infinitely.

Thanks everyone.  I am going to follow your advice, I was able to find many good books of American authors that are mentioned on this forum in Russian and I was able to download them for free. I am reading them every day. I agree with you that $25,000 can easily be your first downpayment. 

Hi, @Larisa Van Valkenburg ,

Wow. Do you speak Russian? Sounds interesting.

Yeah, $25K can be a down payment - or 25% of a fine for doing something wrong, or 1/8th of your losses from doing the wrong deal whatever the reason.

Education doesn't cost - lack of education costs, in my opinion.

Thanks David, I have been reading diferent books, listening to podcasts since August. I want to get my RE license in Dec, sell some houses, get to know people, write my big business plan, register my LLC (not sure if I need to do it in Nevada, TX or in MA) and then start my partneships with those who have experience. I have a huge motivation behind my back and nothing will stop me.

Terrible.  His network of active students is good, that is literally the only thing of value (the network is part bird-dogs and wholesalers and part active rehabbers). The videos and trainings are literally groups of people spending 1-2 hours passing a low-budget (or no budget) microphone around sharing their RE successes for 2 days, it's mindbogglingly bad. The recordings of these events are LAUGHABLE and are seriously hard to watch.  Spending $25k on something makes a person committed to not lose $25k, this is the value along with tapping into an active network that works together, but you can get that part of his stuff for $2k.  Once you've heard one of these guys talk once, you've heard everything you will get from them.  It's literally like a Mormon testimony meeting, but discussing real estate instead of religion.  All audio, no processes at all.  Should be sold for less than $500, but then again, he can sell it for whatever he wants.  If you go to YouTube you can see 100% what the sessions are all about, and there's literally nothing else that they do.  Very weak, a 2 out of 10 program.

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