Ernie Vargas, PROBATE FOX program

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Hello BP,

Has anyone ever heard of and/or purchased a program called Probate Fox from a Mr. Earnie Vargas?  If so, then can you please give some honest feed back.  Thanks in advance.

Disclosure: No money, no affiliation, have occasionally promoted probate training related programs.

I don't know Ernie on a personal basis however I think his stuff is ok.

He may have attended one or more of my probate seminars in the past. 

For a while Ernie was advocating the contacting of heirs of underwater estates in order to open probate and complete short sale deals. This practice has been stopped by probate judges who no longer allow the practice of super-priority orders to foul their courtrooms.

Ernie is a broker or licensed agent and operates as such. I've never encountered him in the field during a deal.

Most if the people who are trying to sell you something have another motive. Ernie resells court data and that will save you much time. 

Also, there's a lot of moving parts to many probate deals and it's good to have someone to bounce things off. That's important. 

While most of the players in this niche are not really active in the game, I think Ernie is. I've taught courses for other probate promoters, only to find out they're frauds as far as knowing anything about investing and just want the seminar income. I don't think Ernie is that way, however as a guy with a couple thousand probate deals under my belt, I haven't been inclined to take anyone else's training.

I go back to the 70's and have watched most of the info product marketing people turn out to be not what they pretend to be. I think Ernie is truly an active real estate guy who likes to teach.

Thanks for the feed back.  Again, I am interested in the probate niche, as well as wholesaling.  I came across Ernie through word-of-mouth and the fact that he was local was added bonus.  I am not just looking for a program but someone who has the time to show me the ropes.  Again, Thank you and enjoy your weekend and holidays. 

Hi Anthony, I live near Inglewood in L.A. and I met Ernie a couple of weeks ago at the REILA meeting in Culver City.  He was one of the main speakers.  He has people at the courthouse (probably the guys sitting next to me) gathering probate data. I don't know his program but I believe having a mentor is a good idea.  I also believe he is actively making deals.  I just returned to Real Estate Investing and have not made any deals in over 12 years which back then were rentals. I am studying Jim Banks rebate program which is so far very good.  I suggest you start tryiing to attend the REILA meetings and you can google them to see when they're held.  You also may go to Ernie's website or google to see the next time he will speak at a seminar or meeting. You usually can go for free.  I wish you the best of luck and feel free to send me a collegue request.