"Real Estate Investor Seeking Apprentice. FT 10k PT 5k"...huh?

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So I'm headed to drop my car off for service at the dealership and I see this sign. "Real Estate Investor Seeking Apprentice. FT 10k PT 5k". I used to just ignore these signs in the past. But I've seen them before. Now that I've been on Bigger Pockets and have a forum to ask. 

Does anyone do this or know what its about? There was a phone number to call. Which I don't plan on calling. But as someone starting out it did peak my interest. 

Thanks in advance!

The company is renatus. They are an educational program for people interested in becoming a real estate investor while marketing the education to others and earning 50% of commission on the students you sign up. 

That sign needs some fine print on it that says "These results are not typical and are unlikely to occur for YOU."  Because there is NO "real estate apprentice" making $10K per month.  Makes no sense.  Your top guy might be able to make that, but no beginner is walking into that kind of cash working for an investor.

It pays to have a good BS meter in this business...

Hey Everyone,

     I know a little about this.  Because I originally signed on to market the educational program. So basically the 5k-10k they are referring to has nothing I repeat has NOTHING to do with being a real estate investor. It is Renatus' marketing program where you market the education and they pay you 50% of the cost of the education as commission. Now I am not here to knock Renatus because I do feel the educational component is great, but I actually stopped marketing the educational program because I am not interested in network marketing. The ads that they are putting out is extremely misleading and that's the part I can't get with. Good luck. 

Lol, I've called a number on a sign and ended up relying to an ad on CL and it did end up being Renatus.

I watched the video that I was sent and I wasn't interested, the person who sent the video was very pushy though. She kept trying to get me to join even after I told her I didn't want to.

Isn't the owner of Renatus that "I'll show you how you can drive a lambo too...or free lambo" guy?