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They are legit, if you mean that they will follow through and not just run away with your money. You will spend a fortune to learn though. Better off to find a mentor in your area by visiting local REIA groups, reading and asking questions here at BP and listening to the BP podcast.

Originally posted by @Christopher B. :

I filed a report with the BBB

Hi Christopher,

I see this post is a few months old. I am new to real estate and new to BP so forgive my ignorance.

I watched Ian's webinar and found it to be a pretty creative way to invest. I did not sign up for his program but you filed with the BBB and also showed on this thread a facebook page where they were talking about what he was doing was illegal.

If you know, could you please explain to me what he is doing that is illegal? Just trying to learn.

It seems he has been teaching this for several years and is all over the internet, so if it is illegal don't you think he would have gotten caught by now?

Looking forward to your thoughts or anybody on BP



@Christopher B. , you're right! He's a total Ripoff, I tried he's 7 day trial, canceled it, and two  months later they're still taking money out of my account, try to call them several times and no response, and try to email them, and it seems like the website is fake too, no response. Have to call bank and tell them to send me a new one with different number to avoid being charged in the future. @Mark Long, seems like you don't trust what Christopher says, but I invite to try the website your self, and then post your opinion out of your own experience, this way we're all informed. Not because is on the internet it has to be true, remember a lot of scammers use the internet to do their fraudulent business.

It seems that many of the guru program's are very responsive to questions thru customer service when you buy. But disappear if you try and cancel. As far as the content/info, I thought it was very good. He has many difft strategies. The easiest one is the option contract method. Just get a deal under option contract and sell the contract. I don't know about other states, but in TX you can sell contracts unless the wording prohibits it. I had 2 attorneys verify. 

What changed in TX is that you can't market a property for sale if it's under contract like most gurus tell you. However, you can market the contract. So instead if writing out a whole purchase and sales agreement, you just fill out an option contract and assign it and have the assignee execute the purchase and sales agreement. 

Be clear with the seller as to what you may do. It just gives you more options. For example, if you decide that you want to keep the property to hold or seller finance, you execute the purchase and sales contract yourself. But it turns out it's just not gonna work for you, you may have an end cash buyer who would want that property and you assign the option contract to them.