Has anyone here used Brian Gibbons Coaching?

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@Account Closed

I will be blunt with you; you may have just thrown away $7k!. But I will not castigate you since you may not not about this guru stuff.....with $7k, you could well be on your way to acquiring your first investment property....

That said, there are tons of materials on this site to educate and equip you for the journey ahead.

Get into the Eductation section, immerse yourself in the podcasts, webiners, forums.....learn all you can and ask questions.....Folks in this site are wonderful and they love to help and share information..just ask....

On a good note, do not be discouraged; consider the $8k a part of the lesson learned on your way to success......one day, you will tell the success story; lookd back and thank God you are on this site....my one cent..

I could teach you in 10 minutes information that cost me $10,000 to get.

I'm pretty sure @Brian Gibbons could as well, but you are going to have to work the information he provides. 

Please take my assessment with a grain of salt as I am merely working on acquiring my second deal.

Having said that...

I don't know Brian Gibbons.  I do know MJ DeMarco's Millionaire Fastlane. Highly recommend it.

One of its central tenets is that you should focus on the process, not an event.

Most people focus on the event.  You see a millionaire celebrity (yes, even Kim Kardashian who people love to hate), and they go why can't I do something and have that level of success. 

You can't.  You can't just do a single thing (short of winning the lottery).  

There was a process that these folks focused on day in and day out to get to where they are today.  Even if you say the money was inherited and handed to them in a silver platter, someone some time ago had a process they fine tuned and worked to make it to that event.

You need a process and you paid $7000 for what you thought would be an event that would grant you access into inevitable success, but the only thing you will get if they come through is an inside look at their process.

As I see it you have two options:

1) Bury your losses and stick with it and demand what they probably promised (an inside look at their process), then try that process and see i it will work for you

2) Bury your losses and move on to find another process or create one yourself

Notice both options start with bury your losses.

It will take every ounce of mental power to do this, but the lost $7000 should not be a factor in your decision.  It will only hinder you from making the right decision. 

The $7000 is a sunk cost at this point.

Read more here if you need to understand what role sunk costs play in decision making.


Which one is right depends on you.

I wish you success in finding your process.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

I mean I don't want to come off like he hasn't taught me anything. He's been very insightful. Just not $7000 insightful lol. I honestly don't think my investment is lost. Brian's reputation is why I went with him. I just wanted to see if he has other students on here and how they have progressed  

 There are tons of students discussing Gibbons.  Just search for Gibbons.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

he doesn't sell a process. More like a deep understanding of the industry. Which so far I only have a slight understanding. 

Sounds like his process includes having a deep understanding of the business.

Maybe I'm seeing it fit my assessment too readily, but it sounds like that to me.

Maybe once you spend more time in it, you will find a process that works for you.

Disclosure: Yes, I am Brian Gibbons, 1 on 1 RE Coach at www.REISkills.com

I trained John Jackson of Texas in 2002,  

I have trained 100s of people over the last 20 years.

Testimonials are here

Glenn, I do need to talk to your real estate contract lawyer and RMLO Reg Mortg Loan Originator to get your business going.  

Christmas was tough, I was gone on the east coast, for 14 days, but always available by text or phone.

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Please hang in there, you have agreed to work with me for 12 months.  Patience.  You will get to a place of competency.

@Account Closed   I think Brian is pretty giving of his information..

But then one needs a reality check... RE is a unique business with some unique skill sets and not every one has them.

In my 40 yers in this industry here is what I have observed.

1.  If your a saver or in a nice paying industry or highly paid industry.. studying about RE investing and picking your niche is very straight forward .. your actually an investor you make money in another industry and Invest in RE for long term wealth or fix and flip or whatever but your not relying on start up Real estate income to finance your getting into the business.  If in fact you were freaking out about sending 7k to Brian. and if this was a large part of your liquidity then I can see that.. if it does not work out how long did it take you to save that or earn it back..  this is understandable.

2. The second person has no really high paying job and wants to get out of what they are doing and wants to succeed by doing something in RE either flipping it in some manner buying foreclosures etc etc.. well this is were the rubber meets the road.. if you have limited resources then your only hope to make money in the business is basically selling RE. in some manner be it wholesale flipping.. getting a RE license.. working as a RMLO ,, working in the leasing business etc.. and to succeed at that you better be a very good sales person because that is what it generally takes.  And once you get started top producer spend thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands on sales training from the top folks.

So Brian or any guru can give you what you paid for all the info and detail how to do deals but if you do not have the acumen for it.. or the drive or the sales skills no amount of money is going to buy your way into the top producer club.  And its the same in many industries..

The frustrating part for Guru's is they teach and folks don't follow their advice and follow through then make a post like this.. which I am surprised there is not more bashing.. that goes to Brians credibility right there if you had said any of the other Guru's .. you would have had 50 post telling you how terrible they all are.

Remember all this stuff is worth what you pay for it.. on BP its free.. so that's what its worth its a bunch of folks around the country giving their personal opinions and or advice which may or may not be germane to your situation.. its a free for all here.

End of the day you have chosen a VERY tough industry to crack and be successful at. .And its only the late night TV that glorifies it.. Or BP posts that glorify the one in 1000 that hits a homerun leading others to think this is a cake walk.

And any one can buy a rental home takes no skill at all to do that.. so take all that with a grain of salt as well.. and that's not a bad way to go for most of the folks on this site.. buy some rentals stay on top of them create wealth over time.. But I suspect those that pay for this type of training want much more than to learn how to buy rentals.

Disclosure: Yes, I am Brian Gibbons, 1 on 1 RE Coach at www.REISkills.com

Thank you for the kind words, @Glenn Elliott

I am sure you will be successful.

Best Wishes,


Glenn, it is going to take time to break into the real estate business. The most important thing is to take action on what you learn. You now have the ability to learn from someone who has a great reputation in the business and may shorten the learning curve but the responsibility is still yours. 

Best of luck

@Account Closed

I believe if people were discouraged to sign up and told that this business has a high attrition rate, and drilled into their heads that this requires a lot of fortitude, and they still sign up with you. They were given fair notice. 

I know this business is easy for some, and difficult for others.

Disclosure: Yes, I am Brian Gibbons, 1 on 1 RE Coach at www.REISkills.com

Yes @Jay Hinrichs

I do not coach "turn key" rental purchases, that is not a skill.

I coach 

-looking for seller problems and brainstorming creative solutions, 

-getting private loans and jv partners, 

-learning creative financing (ie sub2, installment sales, lease options, lease purchase, legal wholesaling, rehab calculation, subordination of notes, jvs with business people, jvs with home sellers on minor rehabs, etc), 

-marketing for sellers, wholesale cash buyers, owner financing buyers, tenant buyers, jv credit partners, and private lenders, 

-learning private lending and syndication, learning prohibited transactions, disqualified persons, custodians, Reg D, etc.

-learning "NLP" or neuro linguistic programming, which is a subtle way to close sales and negotiations

-assistance in finding the right contract attorney for creative financing (meaning I get on the phone and interview the attorney)

-assistance in closing sales (in the beginning, most people struggle to close creative transactions.  I get on the phone with sellers and buyers, and assist my students clos sales.)

-dealing with the new federal and state laws (CFPB, SAFE Act, TILA, RESPA, Dodd Frank, etc)

-planning and expanding your business

-start by being a technician; then move to manager, then move to entrepreneur (delegating and motivating); The entrepreneur works at the enterprise level, the manager at the business level, and the technician at the practice level.  See 


-avoiding mistakes (eg do not do a sub2 transaction just because you can do one, do sub2s with short time frames, as in fix and flips, not sub2 then wrap, etc)

Yes I charge $8000 for the year in 2016, $7000 in 2015, 

and I look for people that want to build this type of business.  You do not need alot of capital, but you need to 

-sell and present, 



-follow up, 

-stay positive, and 

-believe that together you and I can make substantial progress in building a successful and profitable business.

Coaching is just that, coaching. If you don't get off the sideline and do what the coach tough you, then it was a waist of money and time, on both sides.  Sometimes it can take new investor several years to buy their fist deal. Once the ice is broken then it can move a lot faster.

Hang in there and be ready to buy when the right deal comes along, I'm sure you will succeed!

I have no ax to grind here and know nothing about Mr. Gibbons' training, but I do have a question.

Have you done exactly what he told you to do exactly as he told you to do it?  

Some years back, I went through a training with another guy who was 50 miles away IN A BETTER MARKET than mine.

He called me about 6 weeks later with sarcasm in his voice and asked me, "so, have you done any deals yet?"  My response was, "yes.  I have 3 closing this month, and I'll make enough on those 3 to cover the cost of my training and then some."

He was shocked, and responded, "really?  how did you do it?"

My answer was, "you know that manual we got? start on page 100, and follow every step, line-by-line for the next 3 pages."  He laughed cynically.

I said, "no really.  Have you tried that?"

His answer was essentially that he did some steps and skipped others thinking what he picked was enough.  He thought he was smarter than the trainer.  

I didn't get it.  He paid someone good money to teach him a flawless system that generated proven results because he didn't have one yet he refused to follow it.  He never did get much in the way of results, and 10 years later, I have hundreds of deals under my belt.  

Like I said, I know nothing about Mr. Gibbons other than what I have read in his posts.  The only thing I am saying, is that you haven't followed his "recipe" verbatim, try that before settling on conclusions.  

If you think you have, well, talk to him  directly about it and find out where you both are going wrong and work together to fix it.  No trainer wants failed students.

My co-host Ellis and I had @Brian Gibbons on our podcast, "The Hunting Club" last year and we had a blast. 

Brian's a relatively quiet, modest guy who who exudes humility. In fact, during the recording we had to push him a bit (you can hear real estate mogul and former child actor Jack Easton having laughing fits in the background).

Since I don't have a horse in this race as to whether someone believes they can get all the training they need by reading online social media for free. 

Personally, my annual training budget is about $30K which pays for three mastermind groups, a handful of courses, some very specialized training events and a handful of fun events like Peter Fortunato (who's speaking this weekend in Santa Ana).

This would be a waste if I never took any action with what I learn. It's disappointing that the great majority of people who begin to walk down the real estate path get distracted, never really do anything with they knowledge they do gain. It's only when they apply it do the lights turn on the real excitement begins. You can talk, talk, talk but unless and until you take the action, it's only knowledge.

The real reason many people don't invest in themselves is because they secretly know they won't take the action required. Consequently, for the would be investor, they don't want to explain why they spent money on something the did not implement. Look at the drop out rate of community college (of course, I took three years to get through a 2 year undergrad program, but that's another story). 

If you're taking action but not getting the results you want, consider where the problem rests and train for that. I wouldn't continue investing in education if the numbers didn't make sense.

Disclosure: Yes, I am Brian Gibbons, 1 on 1 RE Coach at www.REISkills.com

I am going to see Bill Tan and Peter Fortunato tonight in Arcadia (Pasadena) CA

See link


Peter is part of my Mastermind Trainers, along with Jack Miller (RIP), Jimmy Napier, Dyches Boddiford, David Tilney, John Schaub, and you of course in Probate Solutions, @Rick H.

I would fly anywhere in the USA to see Peter.