$41,000 lost - Guru company name

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Premier Mentoring AKA

Alternate Business Names

Advanced Financial Training

Advanced Real Estate Education 

Financial Media Group, LLC

Find and Flip 

Flip Advantage 

Flipping Formula 

Loral Langemeier 

Premium Financial Training 

Property Bank 

Property Wars 

Real Estate Addict 

Success Path

Top Trader 

Trend Trading

Zurixx, LLC

No one talks because if they got money back they signed a ridiculous agreement that states they will forfeit the refund if they bad mouth them. They also make the person remove all negative online reviews. Additionally any and all legal steps a person may take can only be done in the state of Utah. 

I know this because I have this agreement sitting in front of me ready to sign for a fraction of the total amount owed.

From the BBB for one of their entities:

150 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 75 closed in last 12 months

Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues41
Billing/Collection Issues8
Delivery Issues6
Guarantee/Warranty Issues10
Problems with Product/Service85
Total Closed Complaints150

That is just the ones that made it to the BBB.  Probably a lot more unhappy Customers than that. 

Good luck on getting your money back.  Hurt them where they will notice it.... on their bottom line.

Yeah my complaint is in that list. They offered me $10 grand initially when I sent them a letter saying I'd send the details of their scam to every news media outlet I could find. 

Next I filed a complaint with the BBB and was offered $15k and they said they would close the complaint if I didn't accept soon. I didn't and they closed the complaint!! How is that possible? It was closed and marked resolved...what? 

After this I filed complaints with every government agency I could. Utah and Massachusetts Attorney General's offices both said they'd look into it. Massachusetts actually outsources their complaint research. That company sent a letter or form to the Utah address and said it came back returned. I gave them all of the contact info I could find for the company but they never did anything more.

Finally I contacted AREE and said I was going to pursue legal action unless they wanted to give me $30k, half. (We're actually out $60k but I put $41k in the post title because that number seems to get people's attention.) He said he'd give me $20k and sent me the agreement that I referenced in the main post. Of course he said I'd get nothing if I pursued legal action. Okay so why do you keep offering me more money to go away? 

So here we are. My lawyer said they actually aren't even licensed to do business in the state of Massachusetts but they've found some way around that. He told me but I zoned out on the legal jargon. 

That hurts. I realized how full of it many gurus are when they try to tell everyone they can wholesale properties with little or no money down and earn 6 figures. 

From experience: This not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to acquire properties at 70-75% of ARV and talk folks out of their equity. Secondly, it takes someone that will implement marketing systems and be able to juggle hundreds of leads and stay on top of them, all the while continuing to rub elbows with new investors, contractors, attorneys, and brokers.

A person can get eaten alive if they aren't prepared. Nothing about investing is easy. However, it IS very rewarding for those individuals that can do it. 

It sounds like you are pretty thorough in what you are doing to recoup your losses. That same determination will go a long way in the business, I believe. 

Stay strong. Please don't give up.

Maybe I missed it but what exactly is the problem? Did you pay them the money and they did not provide the product and/or service that you agreed to buy, or do you now regret the purchase and are trying to get your money back without accepting the product and/or service they are willing to provide? 

@Peter Bowring - steer clear of that group and anything with marketing for "investors summit".  i did the FF course and it was exactly as people on here describe.  got my money back by earning it doing real work and not from this group who keeps upselling until they know you're a dead lead.  never any support after the sale beyond 2-3 calls and then more upselling.

Sorry this happened to you. I can't figure out why so many people get involved with these Guru's or how they can justify spending so much money with them. I saw the other day a guy complaining that his couch was not living up to his end of the deal. He had already paid him in advance for services not rendered and was mad for not getting taught how to buy a property quick enough.

Please don't read that wrong, I do believe you are a victim of that scam. I hope it hasn't made you change your mind on investing in real estate and I wish you success on retrieving your money.

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Education is free on www.google.com . There is no barrier to acquiring knowledge. Everyone has a smartphone or computer. Don't pay Gurus.

@Erica Nagle I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your hard earned money.  It seems like you've already gone to great lengths to try and get it back.  If it were me, I would keep doing everything possible to put them out of business permanently.  Until someone shuts them down, they're just going to go from one victim to the next.

Don't give up.  And no matter what happens, don't give up on investing in real estate. 

I've now seen Dave from Flipping Boston cry in person telling the same story about how he got started to different audiences. Makes me want to puke.

Three words: class auction lawsuit. I hope you find the right law firm and enough victims. Please continue to post updates, this is revolting to say the least.

Thank you for sharing

@Erica JuhlAs I mentioned that seems like a lot of money.

How was it that they got you to invest that much and what were you supposed to do with the books or tapes or coaching?

@Erica Nagle

Sorry to hear about the fun you're having. I am quite familiar with these "coaching/mentoring/bootcamp" outfits. Please listen to my podcast with Josh and Brandon from the archives . . . 

This company has a very lucrative relationship with all of the biggest gurus in real estate and all other kinds of personal and financial success. 

If a success guru comes to your town with a "free seminar," these are the people who call you later with "an opportunity to work one on one with a mentor," even if you didn't buy the course offered at the back of the room for a "today only special!!!"

You can get some attention by complaining with the BBB or Ripoff Report but trust me, the thing they fear most is being reported to the State Attorney General. You did the right thing with that! Keep after it!

I am sorry to hear about your experience. Once again they WIN.

A group of us are ex-employees and clients and we have retained an attorney for a CLASS ACTION CASE.

If you have lost money like we have reply here so we can talk. We have each lost $150K in her secure and fraudulent investments. If you have had financial harm, deception, fraud, etc, done there is no cost to join our case, we have funded it ourselves to help the rest of you out who may not be able to. 

Cindy C-Arizona

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