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For land flipping course - who would you recommend? Jack Bosch, Seth Williams, Land Academy, or Mark Podolsky.

I realize much can be learned for free online, but if it is well organized, up to date, and step by step - it makes sense to save time and take a course.


And Jack, Seth, Jack, or Mark - feel free to chime in!

Jack Bosch, Seth and Jack (Steve) Butala (Land Academy) are all active members of my group and always seem happy to answer questions regarding the products and training they offer. I believe they also offer money back guarantees on their courses but they can answer that better than me. 

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Hi @Janet W. ,

I think all the land investing courses will accelerate your success.  Ideally, you'd invest in all the courses in the same way you wouldn't just invest in one management book or listen to just one podcast on a deep subject... 

So, my recommendation would be to absorb as much free content as possible and see which land investor you feel meets your needs the best.

We are all different and sort of have our own specialty i.e. I specialize in geeky tools, scaling fast and automation where another course may specialize in flipping and deal flow and another course may provide more information on marketing, etc. 

Nevertheless, I've never heard a negative comment about the land academy course, Seth's programs or Jack's so its really just a matter of preference.

Best of luck with your new land investing endeavors!

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