My Experience of Rich Dad/Elite Legacy Event Scam

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thank you for sharing this experience. We did not buy into their hype. Their sales pitch is way too strong. 

There was a guy some years back that literally dismantled Robert Kyosaki and his "Rich dad" story, fact for fact. He apparently was some MLM scam guy who changed his gimmick to real estate, and then made up the "Rich dad" story. 

As you were telling your story, I half expected you to say WWE's own "Brother Love" jumped out and gave a sermon about real estate and if you buy the course, he'll LUV YEWWWW!~ (youtube brother love wwe if you don't know who he is). 

I am in the wrong business. Seriously not a guru goes by that is not charging an unconsciousable amount of money. Do you know why they can get away with this is because people buy this crap. i am disappointed in RD because you would think someone out there wants to really help the little guy, I guess they do its just going to cost you $40k. One must pause when someone offers advice on getting rich the most likely case is they are making more money selling you a pipe dream, if it was lucrative why would they not just be doing it. Thats like knowing where a gold mine is located and selling maps to go find it. Its no surprise to me that RD is out there talking about how the world economy is going to crash etc etc. If that was the case why would they be stumping for real estate. Funny he has a new book out called "Fake"

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