Books on Wholesaling Recommendations

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Hello all,

I have been exploring the world of real estate investing and would like to get some more detailed, practical info on the wholesaling. I have read a lot of general rei books and listened to many BP podcasts but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on a book about wholesaling that has good practical information in it....such as do wholesalers typically include a home inspection clause in their contracts, etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


I Have just ordered The art of wholesaling by Aram Shah and Alex Virelles off amazon. So far it has been a god send! I only paid $11.99 for the kindle version. I'm only on chapter one and I feel like I have been personally mentored so far! Hope this helps!

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Originally posted by @Joe Graham :

@Patrice Baker.

Thanks for the recommendation.  I had that on my list of potentials.  I think I will go ahead and order it.  Thanks again!

 No problem! Im almost finished reading  and I'm feeling very confident to start doing deals in about a week! Good Luck!

Hey Joe,

Wondering if you did end up buying the book, and if so, what you think about it. I ordered the same book and am about 60 pages in.

Contrasting Patrice's opinion, I find that the information is not logically organized (in some cases not organized at all, it seems), and that he fails to elaborate on concepts and strategies when needed, which really throws me off. I've also noticed several grammatical errors, as if someone didn't even proofread it. Lastly, some of the advice he gives contradicts information I've read here on BP.

It has 25+ 5-star reviews on Amazon, but the feeling I got when reading it is that it was written in a rushed, almost careless matter, and so far I feel like it has not educated me sufficiently, and if anything turned me off from wholesaling. Looking to see what other people think, trying to see if it's just me!