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anybody use the chris cico virtual wholesaling program? Is it for real? Is it worth $797?

I tried the free 2 week trial because well it was free and I wanted to see what he offered.

IMHO it's not worth the $797 far from it. He's got sound information on wholesaling but all he has on that site is on this site for free period.

By the way I canceled my membership there is no way I would pay for that where what he's offering for $800 you can learn here for free.

I also signed up for the free 2 week trial. I never got access to the website or any information. I sent several emails but got no response. Then they charged my credit card.

Now I'm protesting the charge, and I'm not very happy with the service of Cris Chico's Virtual Wholesaling program. I think his business' autopilot program needs a little more self-piloting.

As for the value of the information, I can't comment. I was willing to pay the $797 for the information from just what was described.

I'm extremely proficient in wholesaling in my local area, but I also understand the value of experience with an idiosyncrasy of wholesaling that I do not have any experience with. As for virtual wholesaling, if it saved me from a handful of hours of figuring out a better way to do it or it got me one extra deal than I would of without it, then it is absolutely worth it.

Now obviously you need to factor in your budget. If you only have $797 then you should spend your time looking through the forums here and not on a course. But if you have some money to invest, I don't see anything wrong with purchasing course materials to expand your knowledge.

Now I would recommend that you do that on top of looking through the forums here.

The thing Ryan is that he teaches mostly direct mail strategies on his site which defeats the purpose of virtual wholesaling which is if you want to get technical is investing via the net with nothing but a phone and a fax machine.

Now direct mail is one of the best strategies when it comes to marketing but that's basic knowledge you can learn on forums like this not spending 800 bucks.

I do agree with you spending that much money on courses in stuff is worth it as long as it has worth wild and legitimate info but I wouldn't pay one red cent on something like that if you can learn it free on here or free from another investor/mentor.

Mr. Investor, I don't understand why direct mail strategies would defeat the purpose of "virtual" wholesaling. Every house I've wholesaled I've had to drive out and look at. To me "virtual" would mean I get to sit in my underwear at home if I want to, which from what I understand is exactly what is being offered. Uploading a list and a postcard from my computer to a mailing house's website doesn't seem to invalidate the "virtual" aspect to me.

Some follow up with my free trial fiasco. My post here on Bigger Pockets got a response from one of Cris Chico's representatives. I guess I inputted my email address incorrectly which is why I never received my log in information for my free trial. That part was obviously my own fault.

The rep, however, didn't have much to say about the lack of response from my emails that I sent the company before they charged my credit card. He was very apologetic, though, and seemed sincere in not understanding why he couldn't find them even after going back through to look for them. From looking at the ease that Mr. Investor canceled his trial membership, I will have to give them the benefit of the doubt that my experience probably isn't their normal level of customer service.

The rep ended up offering me a complimentary membership, which I gladly accepted, and now I'm pretty motivated to dig into the information to evaluate the value of its content.

Now I'd like to just take a moment and personally thank Mr. Josh Dorkin for this wonderful community that he has put together here at Bigger Pockets. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Actually no it doesn't providing you can do all of the direct mail from the computer which you can I was referring to going out and mailing them yourself.

Thanks everyone for your excellent comments. I am totally committed to getting my wholesaling going and am looking for the best track to run on. I read/reviewed/printed out dozens of articles and suggestions on wholesaling and still confused so I was looking for a solid plan. What about Steve Cook's program? Any comments on that?

hey robert in responding to your post about steve cooks wholesaling program i dont have it but i do know of several people who have it,and are quite successful actually she is on here as well reosteph if you dont mind me saying who you are steph from tampa florida,i would also say robert im not making deals yet but on the verge of getting some in,i will also add that unless you take action youwont get anywhere it doesnt matter who you buying or how much you spending you must take action ,i do have some systems that i could send you as well totally free,if you have somethang valuable i'd appreciate if you sent me that as well,email me if you wanna talk.........

I'm with Stephen I don't have the course but I've seen on other forums Cook gets a lot of positive reviews for his course.

Another course that has gotten great reviews is Vena Jones Cox's wholesaling course.

I have Steve Cook's course and his main strategy for finding deals is the MLS and building a network.

His teachings on the technicals are pretty solid but to be honest its not very complicated. I would expect any wholesaling guru to be able to sufficiently cover the basic technicals of it.

In my opinion, the main factors to look for in a wholesaling course are the techniques for finding deals and for finding buyers. These are the two key factors of wholesaling. Yes, you need to know how to assign and double close and the procedures of each, but those can be easily learned after doing them a time or two and then at that point its all about how to find deals and how to find buyers.

I have both Vena's and Steve's courses and they are both great. Vena's is probably more detailed and has more forms/contracts etc., which worked very well for me since I live in OH like she does.

i agree with Ryan, in that wholesaling is about getting good at 2 basic things and everything else can either be done by others or learned over a few attempts.

1. Finding great deals.

2. Getting cash buyers who are not tire kickers.

If you can do those 2 things you have won half the battle and more. Contracts, addendums, title companies, memorandum affidavits, etc etc are easy. It is the 80/20 rule. get the good deals, get the cash buyers ((that's the 80%)... then make profits.

Correction...... getting the good deals and cash buyers is the 20%...... 80% of your results come from 20% of the effort you put out there. :) it's true

Your right Blake and 5% of the people make 95% of the money!! One of my local mentors says 80% of your time should be spent making offers and finding money/buyers! The rest on the other stuff.

I have bought 4 courses and downloaded and read 100's of articles and spent a lot of time on this forum. What I haven't done is get off this darn computer and go out there and make it happen. That is what I'm going to do now. I'll be posting some deals very soon! Thanks for all the solid and real life experiences.

"Coyote" Bob Burns
Baton Rouge, LA

Good luck Bob. Make it happen!

Doesn't sound like any of you on this thread would have it, but....

would anyone be willing to share Cris Chico's Postcard text for buyers and sellers?

i'm at a point right now where all i need is help with text like this for marketing materials.

PM me if you can help or know of anyone who might. thanks so much!


Let me just give you all some advice before buying any guru course.
First go on Ebay, most of these courses can be had for 70% off. Carlton Sheets worthless stuff doesn't even sell at $9.

I bought an asset protection course offered at by a guru at a local REIA for $4500 for $100 on Ebay. Btw, I was glad I only paid $100 for it.

Not sure if anyone still cares, but I had a 2 week trial to Chris Chico's course. Good solid material, but not worth $797 only because you can find so much more info for free. I also have Vena Jones Cox's course. It's pretty good, if you implement what is taught. I actually checked it out from the Library at my local rei.

Very good course, I have it and would highly recommend. Cris and Bill Rafter, top notch service. Best step by step advice.

Originally posted by Robert Burns:
I have bought 4 courses and downloaded and read 100's of articles and spent a lot of time on this forum. What I haven't done is get off this darn computer and go out there and make it happen. That is what I'm going to do now. I'll be posting some deals very soon! Thanks for all the solid and real life experiences.

"Coyote" Bob Burns
Baton Rouge, LA

Glad you decided to get of your "arse". Now the REAL learning is going to start.

I would like to try Chris Chicos system or Tim Mai's, but I don't have the $$$. I am searching for a good system to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Originally posted by Eric Chiasson:
I would like to try Chris Chicos system or Tim Mai's, but I don't have the $$$. I am searching for a good system to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try reading up on the forums here and ask questions you probably learn a lot here.

I don't know if anyone posted this because I don't have time to sift through the second page, but here's my casual cost-benefit analysis:

* You can get Cris Chico's "Flip Anywhere" course for $47 if you go to the top of the page of the first few videos he sends you, and click on the "order" button.

* I'm not that knowledgeable about this sort of thing. I'm gaining an understanding of it just by watching his videos, and I could probably make a one-cheek effort just with what he spouts for free (websites to use, the postcard thing, arbitrary contracts I can download elsewhere for free, etc.). However, I don't think it would be the most productive way, and I could end up making some costly mistakes.

* I don't have his "winning sales pitch". I don't even know what to say to a prospect. His automation ideas sound great, but that could end up being a lot of homework finding what's the most cost-effective. I hear people saying I can learn everything on this site, but I've already spent time reading blogs, and I still don't see anything other than basic descriptions of methods I can't use. Lot's of DIYers here; anyone who reads my profile will find that I'm strictly a passive investor due to health and environment limitations.

* I can waste a lot of time researching this on the web until I come up with an air-tight virtual wholesaling system, and then possibly make a lot of trial-and-error mistakes while I refine it in practice, or I can spend $47 and copy his already established method as soon as I can pony up the cash for startup costs. If I need to ask for money from someone, it makes it that much easier to put it all down in a proposal.

From that perspective, I think it's a great deal. I spent years reading different books on real estate that were all over the place without offering any sort of strategy system, and didn't learn anything of use. Then I sat down and evaluated my method, and I determined that I'm better off checking into the background of various real estate gurus, narrowing down my choices to the most legitimate systems, purchasing a course, and using it as a blueprint for a proposal. It's easier and quicker to use formulas in business than reinvent the wheel.

Cris Chico's system makes it easier, because in the event that I ask someone for money, I don't have to ask for nearly as much as I would for one of my big business schemes.

As for joining his network for $997, I'd buy the book first and see if I could get the startup costs significantly under $1,000, and if I couldn't, then I'd save my skrilla and join his network.

Either way, I'm also going to run his contracts by an attorney to make sure I don't have any problems in places where this sort of thing poses a legal grey area. I read somewhere that if you're not careful with wording and timeliness, you can get busted for brokering without a license in some states.

As for what Mr_Investor says about the postcards, automated delivery is part of his system, which you pay some site to do for you. So as far as I'm concerned, it's 100% virtual if you choose to use such a service. Personally, that's something I would be willing to spend money on; the savings in time and potential increase in productivity would be worth the added cost.

As far as I'm concerned, anything that decreases my time investment and increases productivity is worth the price, so long as that price doesn't significantly cut into my profit margin. $1,000 bucks sounds like a drop in the bucket to me, considering that other strategies would require parting with a lot more capital, with greater risk.

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