John cochran event in Vegas

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one of my buddies invited me to this event.. i went becasue I could multi task I have daughter and grand child in Vegas .

I went to the seminar and Mr. cochran was speaking I made it 30 minutes and left.. Boring presenter,

but more than the lack of stage presence was the items he was discussing as AHA moments were so lame as to be laughable.

1. Hedge Funds will start lending money now that they can't buy any more deals.  Well John Aha moment is that Hedge funds starting loaning 4 years ago  LOL.. little late with that pearl.

2. That Hedge funds will owner finance their properties to investors like us in the audicance ( which were primarily newbies from what i could see... His AHA moment is lame.. Hedge funds underwrite these deals down to the nats butt.. no newbie going to get owner financing.

About the only thing he said that rang tru was that there are less foreclosures.. another AHA moment and something that is well known.. 

Then to cap it all off.. I took my buddy to lunch today at Wolfgangs and asked him how it was going.. as I stated I left after 30 minutes yesterday as concluding it to be a colossal waste of time.

And he relays this exchange he had with Mr. Cochran.. he goes up introduces himself and hands him his card.. Cochran says " you know I am just going to throw this away"  as in who are you .. 

what an ego maniac... I have been to most Guru presentations as a invited guest on the finance side and most have some charisma and charm and at least are up to date with market conditions.. this guy has non of that. Anyone buying his system would be able to find all his pearls on BP in about 2 hours.

the one good thing was the attorney Watson was there... he talked about how to legally wholesale.. so at least something was getting done.... Phew don;t waste your breath or time on this dude (Cochran)

I was there too along with about 200-250 people. 

I usually respect and agree with your posts but this has to be an exception. 

I can see that first 3-4 hours were not as expected. You may not like it if you were expecting new systems. The seminar became very interesting after lunch. Next day, Watson's presentation was exceptional. After lunch, John came back in and start to build up a strong atmosphere to introduce his new program.

i will say the program is revolutionary. it is not for everyone. I can't even tell you exactly what it is since I agreed to "keep the contents of the seminar in vault" as John expressed.

Anyway, that was the end of 2nd day. I was networking with other investors. We stayed until very late at night with the bunch. They were all very down to earth friendly and sincere. I had a lot of fun.

Third day, it was all about the strategies related to the new program. The three day seminar ended at lunch. First day was very long 8am to 8pm. Second day started at 8am and ended around 5pm. Many formed a small group went to restaurants and/or bars. Third day felt very short; it started at 9am and ended at 1pm. I wish it was little longer and unveil little more systems.

If you didn't like economy overview and the big sales pitch, you really had about 8-10 hours of education. The systems he introduced of course is in BP but in very different ways. It is like comparing Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Big Mac. Yup. BP has a burger. It is not the same. My eight year old loves Spaghetti Os. I like the one at Maggiano's spaghetti. 

John may be rude but I strongly feel that he spent much effort creating his new program.

@Michael Jone  did you sign up for the 35k training class that was pitched at the end of the seminar that was what it was really about.. you can't rent a room that size in Vegas and only charge a few hundred dollars with hitting the folks up for the big dollars.

RUDE does not describe it I would say he is VERY Rude  last person I would consider doing anything with.

my buddy stayed the whole time and he said he took a few small details away and networked with a few folks that he thinks was beneficial.

the guy just cracked me up with his AHA moments on things that were 3 to 4 years old.

Watson I heard was good and I agree with him teaching how to legally wholesale.. so that was good.

But I would not spend a dime with this Cochran guy bottom line.. 

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Like I said, I can see your point and understand it. However, I also believe John put a lot of effort into developing the new program. 

I am normally against spending more than $3K in any type of education including mentoring. I hate one on one mentoring. Small group mentoring is much better based on my experience. A mentor normally acts much professional when faced a small group. Keeps up with a schedule. Much more energetic. Many mentors can't even finish their full program when it is one on one.

Anyway, John's new program is worth $35,000. It is a revolutionary way to approach this business. On the other hand, many other company will try to copy his program when the word spreads out. I think RE education business will be a chaos next two or three years.

I really appreciate your Turnkey Reviews site. I utilized it to contact few companies and had a good deal. I read many of your posts. I really respect your opinion. I just thought it was unfair for John to receive such a negative review. After all, he spent much effort to come up with this new program that may help many investors. 

@Michael Jone  OK I get it then maybe he should work on his personality and people skills  next  LOL.. I mean jeez I have been doing this a long time and have sat through virtually every guru presentation ( usually as an invited guest) and this guy just really rubbed me wrong... and again only one man's opinion and we all have them.  If you feel the 35k is worth it then by all means.. I am not in the NEVER PAY FOR EDUCATION camp as many on BP are ... I have paid for education many times in my business life and even today I am going to pay 500 bucks for an hour in the Simulator to keep my flying skills fresh  LOL.. 

You are  a pilot? Great. Do you have your own plane? 

I am not in "NEVER PAY FOR EDUCATION" camp either. The fastest man, Usain Bolt, and the rest of the competition is less than a second apart. People think any education should be full of new materials. It is simply impossible. We are looking for that split second difference that separates successful investor and rest of the competition. 

Each gurus I learned from mentioned that they attend many other gurus programs to learn new things. Many of them are brilliant. Of course, there were a couple of them that were totally waste of money and time. However, those are such a small percentage of gurus. In general, many gurus taught me some techniques, strategies, systems, and manners I could never have thought of myself. The information can be available on BP, Youtube, and Google. How do you expect to find it if you don't know what you are looking for?

I wish I will be like you in five to ten years. Successful and looking to help other investors. I really appreciate many of your posts and wisdom you bring to BP. Have a fun.