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Hey, I received an email about Chis Chico's REI Vault program where for $1,500/month, you are provided with marketing, VA assistant, and a team of other RE investors to help you with your business. Sounds interesting and I wanted to know if anyone else is using this system. What are your thoughts on the system and is it working for you. Thanks for your feedback.

It is very expensive $1,500/month? Every education comes with marketing material. VAs are only $5-10 per hour. Team of investor will help you from here and your local REI meetup.

I normally highly recommend others to buy educations but not this one. I checked out the site and does not look professional at all. Most menus lead to one dumb page. Whole website looks like a cheap squeeze page. 

I guess the guru is not doing so great with his education side of the business. He just want to capitalize on few newbies. I even watched his webinar and nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING impress me. Normally I get interested after watching the webinar but this guy is a total junk. I really wasted my time. If I were you, I will not waste money.

You can read all my past posts to confirm that I am a big fan of spending money on education. NOT THIS ONE!!!

You should think about it if the price goes down to $15.

I recommend buying $500-$1000 education first. Study it thoroughly. 

I am a Proud client of REIVAULT. The program is not your normal education program. This program is for experienced Investors & realtors. REIVAULT has probably tripled my business on the way to quadruple it. REI Vault provides an exclusive mailing list & everything you need to scale your business. Also the marketing is automated. Meaning it goes out every week or when ever you have it scheduled. For you to hire a VA at 10 dollars an hour at 40 hours a week that is 1600 a month and that does not include multiple phone lines, marketing manger & VM just to name a few. I personally dont think they take on newbies but I know for a fact Cris has a product sutied for new people. The one thing I love about REIVAULT is with in the CRM I have comps, zillow ads, KPI's & deal tracking. I literally just show up to podio to work. Did I mention a VA transcribe's the message left by sellers in podio then put the leads in a certain section that are ready be made deals. 1500 seems like a lot on the outside looking in but for an experienced investor doing 4-6 deals a month. I can tell you the 1500 a month is very minimal compared to the value you get. REIVAULT is not a take home study course it a service that allows you to focus & scale your business. Even on the weekly call's you have guys that are doing 10 plus deals a month. REIVAULT IS NOT ANOTHER EDUCATION PROGRAM. You even have access yo customer service via email & phone any time with questions. Hope this helps :-)

Hey, Rashida I am a member of the REIVault and can say that is the absolute best system I've ever used by far!!! I've been doing REI for 16 years, have followed several different guru's and Chris Chico's and Gary Boomershine's REIVault system is second to none! Their whole system is integrated with Podio (CRM) and has so many advanced features ie VA transcribe all calls that come in, pulls comps, auto texting to seller leads, etc, etc, etc... The absolute best part of their system is their marketing campaigns!!! I don't know exactly where they get their mailing lists from, but I get unbelievable response rates! Like I said The REIVault is by far the best system I've ever used. Also, you can tell that Chris and Gary really care about their members they go the extra mile and are willing to help you with anything you need!!! My business leads and acquisitions has tripled since starting the REIVault program a couple years ago!!! It's quite possible that Michael maybe tuned into the wrong webinar or something because The REIVault is anything but junk!!! I hope this helps. If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Hello Rashida, I am a member of REI Vault and can say it is by far the best avenue for any investor hands down. I never looked at this as a "system" or educational training or some other buzzword a "guru" will say. You are basically hiring a team in order to help run and scale your business. I mean sure, they have a lot of good nuggets of training material that has helped me as an experienced investor, but that is not what you are paying for each month at all. After all, you can go through all of the training material in a day. The material is just a bonus for being a member, plus they have what they call huddle calls each week so you can pick up on what others are doing and the creators (Chris Chico and Gary Boomershine) are doing that are successful in their businesses. Look, you can only learn so much in any book, you have to just get out there and do it and learn along the way. Wholesaling requires no cash up front to buy the house so you can afford to mess up and you will. If you're not messing up, you're not aggressive enough. pick up any free ebook from a wholesaling guru and get to work. This is not rocket science and it is the closest thing I've ever seen to printing money. Bottom line, you send out marketing, capture leads, ask them a few questions, put it under contract, sell the contract. so you need sellers and buyers, a little knowledge of value, and a good closing attorney. Be a deal finder not a deal creator. this is all a numbers game. the more mail you send, the more deals you get, that simple. It's all about marketing and follow up. the rest you will learn along the way and pick up a few nuggets from people that have experience (so surround yourself with experience but you don't have to pay for it) but you will not learn it all before you actually do it. so just do it. quit wasting time on all of these seminars, programs, and systems. its a billion dollar business for these guru's. they make you feel like you need them but you don't. you just need to understand the foundation and workings of the business. I've never attended a seminar, workshop or bought a course over a few hundred bucks and I'm making a huge income. once you have the basics down, you need to learn a little on negotiation/acquisition, test lists, meet buyers and learn how to scale your business and who and what makes a team so you're not a slave to your business. let them do it for you and you make the money. but REI Vault is basically a "business in a box" and that box is podio that comes already set up for a real estate investor, which is a big plus!

Please don't listen to someone like @Michael Jone that did a quick search on the internet to have an opinion in less than 30 minutes and has no experience with the company. After all, even after his "research" he came back with an educational opinion for which it really is not. I'm not sure what site he looked at but the email you got with the sales video explains it all. Put it this way I have never went skydiving, I don't see a reason to jump out of a perfectly good plane, but if you talk to someone whom has done it, their opinion is much different, which comes from experience.

Let me tell you what REI Vault really is and what it has done for me. First of all, it is much better if you have some experience as an investor first. As I said it is not a mentoring/coaching/pure educational program. But once you have some deals and made a little money and you are ready to scale and get someone to do all those mundane tasks that make you no money but you have to do it, give them a call and sign up. Some of us would prefer you not however so there are more markets/territories open for us! :) As I said REIV is a business in a box. They have a team of VA's that are trained on what we do. They help input leads, pull comps, transcribe voicemails, get your marketing out week in and week out without fail, scrub your lists, remove bad addresses from list, build your lists, they even offer a sales team to help you call your leads for additional fees. So basically for the cost of one full time employee at only $8.96/hour you get a marketing and VA TEAM. and yes you can hire a VA for $5-$10/hr but what Michael didn't say, either from neglecting to point it out or from inexperience is you have to train that VA, which sucks if you have never done it. the logical thing he left out as well and obviously didn't do the math is he said you can get a VA for $5-$10/hour.. well with REIV you pay $8.96/hr but get a whole team working around the clock and don't have to worry about doing time sheets, milestones, etc..and the $5-$10/hr he states would take a few of these VA's he is referring to, to get what the team at REIV does.

Let's talk about the lists, my response since joining REIV is impressive. They use an algorithm and cross reference lists with other lists where the seller is more motivated. it's a shipwrecked list as they call it. From what i understand, if you were to take the basic list like from list source and cross reference with other lists in probate, quit claims, foreclosure, tax liens, etc they pull these sellers..don't get me wrong not every call is a deal and you still get the jack legs that want to cuss you out and don't want to sell but the mail pieces bring out sellers that would never typically call those I buy houses and pay top dollar postcards as a lot are not interested but what happens is when they hang up you are capturing their phone number and one day they will want to sell and you now have their phone number to voice mail blast them every 6 months to see if they're situation has changed and of course in addition you get some really good leads that make you a deal maker..I average around 5-8% response each week due to their mail pieces and lists. so enough said. my first month with REI Vault I got 5 under contract, they told me I should get one lay down deal based on my marketing budget and 1-2 follow deals/month starting in the next few months. I killed it and haven't looked back and I have averaged 1 contract each week and have since increased my marketing budget 2 weeks ago and added another market yesterday so I will be getting close to an easy 10 deals a month in the next 60 days. I now have a lead manager, acquisitions manager, dispositions manager in addition to my REIV VA's and marketing team.

The biggest reason most wholesalers fail is not taking action and just buying courses. but the ones who do take action and fail it is due to inconsistent marketing and no follow up or poor follow up. REIV makes this easy and is the reasoning why I now have a predictable income each month. they do all the marketing for you as I said and all the metrics to the marketing and all the stuff behind being good and effective marketing. and follow up with REIV is push button easy. where I lacked before REIV was follow up and consistent marketing. which pieces to mail for which lists and follow up, whom to mail, whom to follow up with, when to follow up, putting the list on rotation 60-90 days, etc. now when I speak to a seller and they are there on price but not ready to pull the trigger or we just cant make the deal yet because of price I just click one of two different types of follow up sequences in podio and my VA handles all of the mailings and mail pieces each month. Boom!

Just remember this business is all about marketing, follow up, and timing. I highly recommend REI Vault but I hope you're not in any of my markets I'm in or scaling to be in, hahaha.. what I mean is they give you exclusivity in each market btw..hope this helps Rashida and.... Michael ;)

Thanks guys for your input. I would consider myself an experienced wholesaler, avg. about 3-4 deals per month and some properties I even buy myself and resell on land contracts. I've been investing full time for almost a year and I'm ready to scale. I have one VA already but I'm considering firing her because she is not that good. So that is why REI vault was attractive. I'm looking for a new VA, automate my Podio systems, and increase my marketing. So it seemed like everything I'm trying to do, is all wrapped up in REI Vault. By the way Jason, my market is Dayton, OH. As long you are not in that market, we are cool :-). Thanks for your feedback.

I've been an REI Vault customer since 2014, and they are an essential part of my business.

From list management, to lead generation, to lead follow up, to my back end CRM, we couldn't live without them.

@Rishada I'm not sure where you got your information from, but I can tell you that REI Vault is legit!

Curios anyone's thoughts on this service for a real estate agent/team.  I have a real estate team that will do about 100 deals this year and I'm looking to scale and focus more on sellers.  Additionally, myself and the other 2 agents on the team invest and I see this as a great opportunity to find investments for us and our clients.  Thoughts on using it as a lead generation tool to find sellers as our primary focus?  Any info would be great!  Thanks so much!

I've been looking into joining REI Vault and stumbled across this thread in my research. Do all of you still have the same positive impression of REI Vault? Is it still performing well for you?

Hey Everyone, @Dave Homyak @Jason Palmer @Marc Hoeppner @Steven Satterlee @Brad Noe @David Briley @Howard Greisman @Omar Merced

I have been using them for roughly 7 months. Heres what I can tell you: Overall I am happy. Could my mail pieces be less? Yes. Do I have to worry about them going out weekly and the back end stuff, no. I could do it cheaper on my own, but its another thing to manage. Their Podio system is high tech and good, but I prefer the interface of Investor Fuse better at this point. Main reason is less customization. I cant delete things out as I want to. Have to contact support via email for everything. The set up and ability to hop right in and have a badass CRM is pretty awesome though. You're not going to be able to build what they already have in place for you without spending major money and time.

 They scrub your lists for you, pull lists for you, bring new lists in, and automate everything. Leaves you hands off. You get call rail numbers, support on issues, trainings on sales etc, sly dial, auto text etc. So really what it comes down to is what your time is worth doing some of this stuff and how much effort you want to put into your direct mail campaigns. 

So just to reiterate, this is probably for you if you want a dialed in CRM ready to go and you dont want to mess with mail at all and be completely hands off for the most part. REI Vault is legit, its not a scam. Hit me up directly and I'll hop on a call with you guys if you'd like. I'm straight up and will tell you how it is. 

@Juan Lozano Its going to depend on your area. Everywhere is different. Its also going to depend on your mail piece too. Their one card generates a ton of leads, 3% response in my area, which is really really good, but the majority are junk leads. Its the nature of that specific card. Since joining in July I was sending $1500 worth a month for a while and then went to $2500 a few months ago and closed 3 deals from the mail in 2017. My area is super competitive and $2500 is a pretty small budget mail wise. I'm scaling up in 2018, so we will see how results will look then. You can call me if you're on the edge and want more info and specifics. 

I just got off the phone with them and i'm going with the silver package. i'm an investor and my partner is a real estate agent so we are going to start with $2K monthly and see how it goes. I'm hoping we will be able to capitalize on the leads that don't make sense from an investors stand point and make some of it up with a traditional listing. I will keep everyone posted on the results. If there's anyone that's been using it for a while has any tips and doesn't mind, please give me a ring.

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