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I am not too sure if this is the thread to discuss this in, but I came across someone who does real estate who gave me his business card. I met this person coincidentally in a restaurant while my friend and I were talking about real estate. So I exchanged email correspondence with him, he then told me to watch this webinar by Renatus. While it was decently informative, at the end of it al,l I was told that if I paid 10K a year or so that I would get access to all this information, software, and help. There are also ways I can pay for it such as recruitment and the like. I looked at other threads and it seems mixed to me but some people pointed out that it is a scam. I then emailed the guy explaining my skepticism and he said he had my mindset but then he took the dive, became successful, won awards, and met long time friends. 

So what I am trying to ask is whether or not this program is legitimate. I do live near the NYC area so I can just pay a visit during a day where I am not busy during a weekend. 

@Adiel Arvizu

This company has been discussed numerous times. Search "renatus" on the top RHS, and you will find a bunch of results. 

You could spend $10K, take action and invest, and easily make it back or

You could spend $10K, and do nothing (like a lot of newbies) or

You could educate yourself, with BP as ONE of the resources, and figure out a way to succeed without spending $10K on a guru course. 

It all depends on you. 

@Chris T.

I did search for "Renatus" and found the results to be mixed. Either way, I am strapped on cash so I need to be creative and I do not have 10K to spend on any guru course. I have bought the BP books to educate myself. I am asking because it sounds too good to be true and the person who told me about this group is managing properties as well. In any case, I guess as soon as I get 10K to spend I may try it out. 

However, I want to know if this is something I should pursue given my somewhat bleak financial situation or should I just forgo it and see if I can make it on my own? My apologies if this all sounds stupid.

@Adiel Arvizu

Whatever they offer, you can find it here on BP with the right people. I have heard they do offer some quality information - which you can also find on BP.

Go to your local REI, network and find a group of like-minded investors. That way, as a group, you can keep one another accountable.

My personal opinion, you can do it yourself.

@Chris T.  

It seems that is the only path I can take since while I do like getting some help and the promise of success it seems every person like this group, uses it as a smokescreen for to line up their own success. I have taken your suggestion of attending a Jersey City REI although those are few and in between, but better that than taking an hour to take the train to New York and wasting money. In any case, thank you for the advice and I will hopefully forge my own path to wealth.

@Adiel Arvizu

You say there're very few REI clubs in NJ, then It's a good opportunity to start 1. Have you try looking them up through ? And search for investors in NJ on BP, CALL and send them PM. Meet them for coffee and network. I think there were a couple of guest on podcast, that were from NJ. Reach out to them.

So that you know, the real estate investors that I know personally, NONE of them uses BP. Even though I recommend it. And they, to each on their own, are pretty successful. You can as well especially you have a tremendous resource here. 

There is no such thing as a promise or guarantee of success from anyone. YOU are ultimately responsible for your success and failures. 

Have you went through all the podcasts? 

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@Chris T.

I wouldn't mind starting one once I become successful in Real Estate.And yeah once I am able to work the nerve pull the trigger, I wouldn't mind calling up some investors and networking with them. I just need to find some time during the day between my day job and night classes. My financial situation won't allow me to just risk investing in anything in my area so I am not as flexible.

As for the podcasts, I have watched some of them although I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I watch them to help sleep but I did learn from some of them. I did buy the four books by BP: Rental Property Investing, Managing Rental Properties (mainly because my parents are landlords and I want to see if I can do what they do), The book on investing in Real Estate with No (And Low) Money Down (What I am currently reading), and The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor.

But thank you for everything so far because I think a plan is forming if I can get some investment capital.

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Hi Adiel

I joined Renatus last year, I can tell you more about it privately, but on another note, Besides BP, I'm part of the reianyc, don't spend the 10k or whatever , if you are low on cash. WIth the two organizations I mentioned, I Have been on Youtube, gone to networking events, etc. Networking is very important. I got my first deal last year, and i'm working on a flip now.  My Strategy is creative financing. I'm working with a investor friendly realtor from Philly that I met on BP Early this year.  Like Chris T said, you can learn R.E yourself. If you have any questions let me know.

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