My Pet Peeve - venting about new postings about gurus

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Hello BP, especially the newbies. 

I have seen a number of posts from NEW BP members, basically singing someone's praises or saying XYZ is the best mentor/trainer out there. 

Then you see their profile, and they have less than 5 postings. 3 of them are basically endorsements for the guru. 

I understand some people may benefit from guru courses, and training. However, for those who are posting, most people can see right through your posts. 

You're on bigger pockets. Where ALL the information is FREE at your finger tips. Why don't you start reading and learning, instead of shameless plugging the people you claim are the best? 

And if you do advertise, fine. PLEASE chime in, share your knowledge and experiences from YOUR TRAINING and success, and contribute to the community instead of spamming the rest of us. 

We all have enough telemarketers, junk mails and spam emails. Let's be productive instead. 

thanks for reading. 

and my peeve is hidden profiles from those with high post counts - - sort of like refusing to disclose taxes?

@Jeff B.

Interesting, I didn't know one can hide profiles. Perhaps they do it for privacy reasons?

I only found out I can "hide" my last name on BP, so that my renters can't google me up. But I supposed at this time and age, if someone really wants to find you, they will. 

Plus I have nothing to hide if I treat people right. 

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