I Have A New System It's Called The Fed Up System

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So I woke up today and in one of my email addys was 81 unread emails. Sorting through all of them at least 70 of them were soliciting Greg Clement's new SIMS(Simple Internet Marketing Solutions)program.

Well it doesn't surprise me. What irritates me is that you get a guru like Greg promoting free videos and reports but it turns out to be a smoke screen for a program that costs form $1500-$2000.

On top of that you get his inner circle of other gurus to promote his new program by offering bonuses themselves thus creating a big and annoying email campaign.

Welcome to the new age of selling real estate programs. Give freebies,get you all excited and WHAM out comes the expensive course along with tons of emails from 3rd parties wanting a kickback.

I'm all for education if it's worth wild. But I can't stand when you have these gurus that claim they want to help you but instead want you to spend money money money.

So I wonder what the next "Flavor Of The Month" will be :roll:

I'm getting the same emails, but they all go to my spam box

Same here. It's so darn expensive. I guess I'll just create a FREE SIMS through weebly.com.

Same thing here. It comes from the REIClub site, that have weekly promotional (mostly crap) stuff.

It is annoying, but unfortunately, the strategy works or they all would not continue to do it.

We (GoGladiator Media) are working on some cool things, but have decided to build relationships the good old' fashion way, by "earning" the business!

We might be slower to build, but confident our business will be much more respected!

I just have no desire to be one of "Those" guys!

He must have alot of "good friends",
because that is what they all say.

Special webinar with my good friend Greg.

I got him to do this webinar just for my list.


I too have been bombarded! It gets really annoying. It turns me off of whatever product they are "selling".


Does anyone have experience with the SIMS system that he is marketing? is it worth it? does it generate as many leads as it claims? does anyone know better ways to generate the leads for free?

Hey Justin,

A lot of the video's that demo the SIMS system I’ve seen a lot of the stuff they have you can get for free.

Looking to build you a cash buyers list, go to HUD and look at the bid results and look up the owner of the address at the county auditor’s office...Or you can hook up with a local agent for access to the MLS and look up cash buyers that way.

Looking for a autoresonder use [GWA] Autoresponder for wordpress... Works pretty darn well.

looking for a CRM... I use Sugar, it’s free, and it works VERY well and I can even interface it into my autoresponder.

I think I got close to 93 emails today about this SIMS system.

I understand they want to make a buck, by why not make it more affordable.


Man... I must be out of the loop... how did I miss getting all of these great emails?

Regrettably, these "launch" formulas are all about affiliations and if we are on more then one list we get hit up by just about everyone.

Also, we get so turned off by the selling approach that sometimes a great product never sees the light of day... not that I am endorsing this or any other gurus products.

The fact that Josh has chosen not to pimp his BP list speaks volumes for Josh and his vision for BP and all of its members.

Yes. Thanks Josh!

This is one of the few 'clean' sites that I can trust.

I've been unsubscribing to a bunch of guys lately. I'm fed up too.


I certainly appreciate that joining BP, doesn't mean I joined multiple spammers lists. I suspect there are some good products or services, but they get buried in with so many most of which are time and money wasters.

It does seem that there must be better approaches for advertising.

Hey Larry, those are some good ideas for finding cash buyers. You don't need no stinkin' guru to help you get leads!

Oh, wow! Yes, I think it can be irritating to receive so much spam in our already informational filled world - there's just so much information out there. I hope they have an "opt-out" button for those wishing to unsubscribe to their newsletter!

p.s. Very entertaining title! :)

My favorite is that I set the spam filter then the e-mail address changes and it comes to the in box. The best part is it is about 3am and my cell phone beeps to let me know I have e-mail!

I believe when you genuinely want others to succeed you will reap the best reward as a REI. By effectively teaching some one to Bird Dog for example you can create a relationship that can become very profitable for you as well as your partner. There should be no charge for a mutual benefit. It does seem like so many are just looking to benefit themselves. I personally believe I can only succeed if you do.

In regards to SIMS - I invested just recently in the platform (I haven't implemented it yet - probably have it up and running in the next few weeks); I will provide feedback to the group once it is up and running on its effectiveness. OpenRoad (the CRM package) has some very nice features that integrate multiple areas of business process and can be purchased separate from the SIMMS product - it came with SIMMS for me.
the platform itself is designed around an integrated marketing & lead generation play and is very sophisticated and well conceived.
As I post, I am in the airport in San Diego (using the free wireless) after having attended the four day event to teach and enhance the understanding of the SIMMS system capabilities. It was a Tsunami of information and provided a lot of knowledge, value and understanding of Internet Marketing. The panelists were "very" high quality and the material comprehensive - with not too much of an attempt to upsell/cross sell (although there were some enevitable pitches for advanced strategy training). It was well worth the time and we were very well hosted by the Realeflow team. Greg Clement & Jeff Walker stood out as genuine experts in their field (and really nice guys) and their partnership with Than Merrill, Jeff Watson, and some other noteable veterans added to the events depth and relevance. All in all, I think the invetsment will have a big impact on our ability at Equity Street to grow our business.
Just as we appreciate the BP veterans wealth of knowledge - and the BP platform itself - it is also really nice to have the chance to sit down and have a meal with other sophisticated investors from around the country and share and learn from our experiences.
Maybe the "marketing" techniques they use can be annoying - but if the product is a quality offering then I appreciate the opportunity to invest. And to be honest, if they hadn't been so aggressive I probably would never have even heard of Realeflow, SIMMS, etc.
Just my thoughts. On the red-eye back in Florida around noon tomorrow.

i agree. i'm sick of the punishment of the preponderance of emails. In this life, nothing comes for free. If you want to invest you are going to have to do your due diligence, roll up your sleeves and gain experience. they are gimmicky at best.