Best owner finance class?

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Does anyone know of a good course that will teach me how to analyze a good buy and hold deal as well as teach me how to find owner financing?

Hey @Devin Mann I combine wholesaling and owner financing as strategy to get the best deals.  First always go for the all cash wholesale deal that you know a cash buyer would love.  Now often when I can't get the super low price I tell the seller that I think I might have something that will work.  If you you could hold the mortgage I could come up to the price you want.  Now remember you just got done negotiating with the seller on a all cash deal so if you pay a few thousand dollars more it is still a great owner finance deal.  I hope you see that you need the wholesale strategy to get a great owner finance deals.  I have bought 90% of my buy and hold houses like this.  PM me if your interested in this strategy.  Hope this helps.  

@Devin Mann

Buying on Seller Financing requires finding free and clear properties, check

Here is a video

I will pay cash or terms

70% of ARV - repairs - fee for cash

Free and Clear Houses - 

90% of ARV no repairs on seller financing, low down, installment payment 50% of rent collected, pay interest on the IRS Imputed Interest Table

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