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Hello B.Pocketers, 

Just like to get any feedback on a RE Mentor, Investor & Author Phil Pustejovsky. Watching his RE instructional youtube videos I've learned a wealth of information that would easily cost 1000's of dollars alone at seminars, meetings etc. He's "very" knowledgeable in this field & at the same time is passionate about Real Estate but moreover you get a sense that he is a genuine person unlike alot of the shady gurus out there looking to make a fast buck off you. 

Has anyone worked with Phil in the past or perhaps know of others who have & had a good or bad experience with him & his Freedom Mentor Program? I'm conducting my diligence & considering on going the mentor program training with him so I graciously appreciate any feedback, comments, and or replies good or bad regarding him or even going in this direction. 

Thank you kindly for your time-

I met him many years ago and he was very down to earth.
He's a very good teacher in my opinion. For what it's worth.
I didn't buy any program. I met him through a friend.

Hey @Rene P. you need to be a critical consumer. Real Estate professional development should be around 5 skills and they are marketing; estimating repairs; contracting; appraisals; and negotiating.  These are the 5 skills needed to become a great real estate investor.  Many gurus try to sell software or programs that claim to bring you deals while you are sleeping.  These are red flags that you are being taken for a ride.  Also, many of these gurus are excellent at up selling you into higher ticket items.  Before you realize it you are 40k in  debt.  Be careful.  

Hope this helps. Good luck. 

Thanks Jose & I appreciate the tip on consumer awareness. I've literally found a large percentage of these RE gurus out there with a lot of commonality; coaching/mentoring, marketing/websites & high fee based plans without a guarantee. But even more interesting is the fact that none so far that I've spoke to will allow me to contact references or students whom are currently enrolled in their program to retrieve their input on how the program is working for them. One would think if these RE gurus are confident in their product they'd be willing to allow others to speak with their students on the success of the program & how it's working for them. Afterall, it's a common practice when one is in interviewing various contractors to ask for references inquiring about their work, reliability & integrity. Apparently they seem to be hiding something... 

Much oblige for your input!

Thank you Ruth Bayang for your reply, 

it does reaffirm my discernment of his genuine character.

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