Due diligence on a wholesaling course.

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Ok, so everyone has heard of Tom Krol. From the interviews and the activity on here from Tom I've always taken him as a stand up guy. I am looking to ETHICALLY get into wholesaling. Full disclosure to sellers and avoiding a bait and switch situation. I recently listened to a podcast by Vincent Polici where he played a recording between Tom and a student who questioned Tom in allegations to mail fraud, misrepresentation and other crimes. There is also a class action lawsuit against Tom. I do not take a stance on any side but the ethical side and I'm also playing devil's advocate. I am a licensed realtor with the state of SC and am beholden to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors so ethics in all my business dealing is of utmost concern for fear of licensure revocation and other legal repercussions. Is Tom's system a system that you can ethically abide by? Not can you make money with it but can you ethically abide by. Thanks. 

I for one have never heard of him...however if you even have to question for one second if his system is ethical I would have nothing to do with it. 

It so happens Ive been looking into his wholsaling program. Im curious now to see if the "fraud" allegations are baked into the course or if it was simply his deals, not his system, that got him in trouble.

Thanks for the heads up though Ill look into it. 

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