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BP, listened to a great presentation last night from Gene Guarino on Residential Assisted Living (RAL). Curious if anyone has taken his online course or three-day course in AZ?  If so would you mind sharing your experience either here or could you PM me?


@Laura H.

Thanks for posting this question Dan, I am also interested in hearing about this class.

I'd love to hear the feedback too!

Great group there last night.  I really enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to Saturday too.


@Gene Guarino , you had a phenomenal presentation. Funny, informative, great facts. My wife and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.  

Thanks Dan.  

Glad that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Do Good and Do Well.  

Thats our motto.  


BP Community,

I am in the initial planning stage of starting a Residential Assisted Living business in the Scottsdale AZ area.  This real estate related business is positioned to provide strong return on investment.  I recently became a Certified Residential Assisted Living Specialist (through RAL Academy), adding to my experience as an investor and a Realtor.  I would be happy to the RAL business model and share thoughts.  

John Ciallella
Realtor, CDPE, Certified RAL Specialist

@Dan Krupa

I just bought online RAL training a week ago. Haven't started going through it yet. Feel free to reach out to me directly in a few weeks for additional feedback. Planning to start looking for a place locally in Northern NJ. 

I listened to @Gene Guarino 's presentation in Denver where he did a phenomenal job. Gene definitely has a talent for presenting! 

Disclosure: I am the founder of the RAL Academy

Welcome to the family Alina.

We are here for you as you are going through the course.  Make sure to participate in the live webinars so you can ask me questions live as well as getting them answered online along the way.


Good to learn from someone before you jump, I Opened Own and Operate 2 RAL for last 15 years in Arizona let me know if if need info helped 4 friends open theirs 2 sold couldnt do the whole 24/7 life , other one is a Nurse Practicioners doing it as as house hack ( probably not recomend it) , if it wasn't for dificulty to find workforce in this area ( think chicken processing plants in Alabama have easier time finding workforce) and the Department of Health Requirements and Licensure Requirements i would have 30

Hey @Alina Trigub

I too saw a presentation by Gene on RAL. Just curious what your feedback is so far regarding the course. I wanted to connect with local investors that have done this before just to get an idea what this industry is all about. Being a nurse and an investor, this would obviously be a perfect transition to trying to create passive income. 

I have taken the course and joined the training. I am  60-80 days  away from beginning construction on an 16 bed assisted living in Iowa.  Excited is an understatement. Life changer is closer. 

@Gene Guarino and his team have been great to work with and learn from. I highly recommend taking the course to see the possibilities. 

I also recommend prior to doing anything to get familiar with your local codes. They vary state to state greatly. 

@Luke Moore do you have any  prior LTC experience?

Also is your 16 bed facility brand new ground up construction or remodeling an existing home?  I'm not familiar with Iowas regs so have no idea if you could have 16 residents in a home plus setting or not.

Each state has different rules and regs on the maximum amount of residents allowed in the home, although in most states you can apply for a variance to increase that number. I learned from Gene too! He's the best.

@Shane H. Not a lot. I provide housing for about 28 peoples with disabilities. These are single family homes. I only own the real estate. I do not provide care.  

It is a new ground up construction. Iowa regulations are a little tougher. It could be in a remodeled home , but with the codes and zoning requirements it didn't work for us.  

Our property is as home like as I could try to make it.  One of the big hurdles was getting the architects to make it feel more home like than commercial.  

This is what the home looks like for the most part. A few small changes have been made with sidewalks.   Gazebo will be put off for a year as well. 

@Luke Moore I've been wanting to and hopefully will at some point in the next 2-3 years build ground up - 

What are you all in construction costs (minus the land)  -- is your GC fee included and all utility connection fees (IE charge to hook into city sewer, water, etc)

Also DO NOT put any MDF in this place - we have a part time maintenance guy that also works part time for the "High end" place in town that is relatively new construction - the owner of that place put MDF trim in there  ???? WTH -- it has pretty much guaranteed our maintenance guy will have steady paint work at that facility for the foreseeable future.

Buy hardwood trim and paint it if you like but educate yourself on the hardness level of various woods and ability to resist damage - painted trim looks good but if people are banging into it all the time it's the dumbest thing to install what is basically cardboard IMO.  Cost to upgrade will not be much if you know where to buy it.  Anyways - my .02   Also dont go cheap on the bathroom doors - I'd put 36" or the next size up for bathroom and room entry doors -- this could be mandated by code as every state is different as we've all talked but the larger the doors the less issue you'll have and larger doors and larger bathrooms can also give more leeway in taking care of heavier care patients which is more revenue for the facility.

@Luke Moore -- I know you probably dont want the suggestions...haha but if you're in Iowa and if it's not too late may not be a bad idea to look into having radiant heat in the sidewalks from a liability standpoint and for safety - We had a harder winter than usual the past couple years and I get tired of buying salt and worrying someone is going to slip/fall plus you cant always count on staff to shovel and clear off the sidewalks - lots of outside vendors will also be coming in a facility with 16 beds as well.  (Home health for PT/OT etc)  Anyways if I was building ground up one little nuance Id do based on my experience so far.   Guessing you get way more snow than we do. Plus it's lower labor costs if the staff aren't always out there having to shovel and spread salt (less chance for concrete damage as well).

Is there a place or page to follow construction progress?  Would love to see how it progresses - looks like a pretty solid appealing design.

@Shane H. 1.9 for construction. 10500sq ft  All fees included in that. 

I have been in talks with the builder about adding it to sidewalks. We are looking at options. When it begins I will have the face book page up and the homepage. Both currently have no content. But yes, I will keep it updated for those interested for sure!

Dan - Looking at the past replies sounds like you and Gene have already connected. My wife and I attended the live training in Scottsdale 3 years ago, along with several subsequent meetings and national conventions. Gene and RALA are definitely legit with a strong team dedicated to helping people have success. They have provided so much help on our Residential Assisted Living Facility (RALF) here in Fort Mill, SC (just outside Charlotte, NC).  I strongly recommend anyone interested in learning anything there is to know about the RALF business attend one of Gene's classes. Both investors or people looking to open their own RALF will have their questions answered, along with having a great time and networking with a lot of really successful people.

@Luke Moore   I'm very interested in how your project is coming along.  I have several assisted living and memory care homes in the Denver area.  I'm currently working with another local municipality where we are are planning three 16-bed homes for assisted living, two 16-bed homes for memory care, and ten patio homes for independent living on a 6 acre plot of land.  My costs for the 16-bed homes are pretty close to what you posted.  Perhaps we can compare notes and learn from each other's experience.  Do you have the Facebook page you mentioned up yet?  Any update on the project you can provide?  Feel free to send a PM if you prefer.  Thanks.

I got loan approval with the bank. They gave me some conditions that I am trying to get sorted out. Some of the asks they have are pretty big asks. I have not updated any pages or anything about the project. Just focusing on getting this thing closed.. Soooo close. 

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