Texas Real Estate exam prep

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I am currently taking real estate license courses online via real estate express. My concern is I am not picking up enough information to pass the exam when I am finished. Can anyone recommend a very thorough exam prep to take after I finish the courses? Maybe something with audio or video vs read only?The quicker I can get through the courses and start preparing for the exam the better. Thanks!

I am currently in this EXACT same boat victor!!! I do not feel comfortable with the format of the information, the quizzes are insane and I don't know how someone could retain the details enough the pass every one of them at 100% without any "help". I wish I had read their reviews prior to selecting them for training. I'm looking and researching my options for review. I will share my experience if you would too! @Victor Pilgrim

Hey guys! Champions offers a exam prep course, I'm doing my courses with allied (it was a lot cheaper) but I am taking the champions exam prep course instead of allied's. Out of the reviews I've seen it's one of the best here, I feel the material may be more spot on. Also, I've been cross referencing with other real estate books or any data online in 2017. You can order the 2017 Texas real estate exam prep book from amazon too. You're never going to learn exactly what will be on the exam but as long as you're soaking in the information, you'll do fine!

Good luck!!