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Jorge Garcia

Real Estate Investor from La Mirada, California

Mar 03 '10, 11:36 PM
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I was wondering, what are your thoughts on this course?

Also, if you have the course, what sort of results have you had?

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Kevin Kaczmarek

Real Estate Investor from Fishers, Indiana

Mar 08 '10, 09:47 AM

Hurley? :-)

I have not used Larry's course but I highly recommend his Brain Pick a Pro Free Teleconferences. I download them and listen to them in my car and generally get 1-2 new ideas each week for free for my business. Worth it!

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Scott P.

Real Estate Investor from San Clemente, California

Apr 14 '10, 10:01 AM
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Originally posted by Jorge Garcia:
I was wondering, what are your thoughts on this course?

Also, if you have the course, what sort of results have you had?


I am also thinking about this course - did you decide to try? Any feedback or thoughts?



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Joe Pitrolo

Lawyer from Morgantown, West Virginia

Apr 21 '10, 10:38 PM

anyone able to pick up 5k houses? I would think this may be difficult? I like the concept of owner financing homes though.

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Clifton Burse

Real Estate Investor from Suitland, Maryland

Jun 13 '10, 02:15 AM
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Has anyone bought this course or had any feedback from working with this course???

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Randy Greenway

from Dalton, Georgia

Jun 26 '10, 03:06 AM
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I am a newbie investor and purchased Larry's Filty Riches at the recent Investor Bonanza held in Atlanta, GA. I cannot comment on any success yet but we are studying now and preparing to put it to the test very soon.

I should also say that he doesn't necessarily say one can buy houses for 5k and in fact a number of the deals on his "Realtor Calls" CD are more than that. He does use the 5k number in his examples in the mateial but clearly states you may not be able to purchase for that price.

I will add that there is a wealth of information and concepts and ideas Larry shares that have really helped up learn as we delve into the RE investing business.

I'll report back how it goes if folks are interested.

Craig Joyner

Jul 13 '10, 01:50 AM
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I'm using Larry's Filthy Riches course and would enjoy discussing things I've learned and changed, etc.... Best Regards.

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