John Fedro Mentoring – Partnering Program

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Hi Elvin Altagracia, 

Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I just wanted to chime in since I saw my name being mentioned. I'm not here to give any feedback about myself, however I do believe other people have posted similar questions on different threads here on biggerpockets. You may want to check out those. With that said, never feel pressured or rushed into making any decision that will impact your life in a fairly significant way. Any new business or serious skill you learn should be move forward with based on logic, and not emotion. Please know that I'm always here and happy to help answer any mobile home related questions whether you are a member of this mentoring/training, or not. Additionally, there are a number of hard-working and active investors on this website (biggerpockets) that will absolutely give you some great feedback and advice on deals as well. Lastly, your area of Jacksonville is obviously a very decent area for this type of investing. However please do make sure you understand this business and the steps you will be taking moving forward before making any purchase offers or purchasing a used mobile home locally. I hope all this helps and makes a bit of sense. In short, definitely don't slow down moving forward. If there is any confusion make sure you get your questions answered by almost any means necessary and continue to move forward safely and profitably. With that said never hesitate to reach out and ask anymore questions to me personally or here on the forms for everyone to help as well. All the best.

Talk soon,