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Has anyone used either of these 2 programs?

The supposedly help make multiple offers very quickly. You pull listing information from the MLS and that information populates into an offer automatically.

It makes sense in theory because you have to make a lot of offers to get good deals, but my concern is that if you're making too many low ball offers you're not going to be taken seriously by realtors-- and they may not even present your offers to the sellers... even though they technically are required to.

Curious as to any thoughts or experiences.

The Rapid Offer Generator is made up of 4 functions.

The REO Deal Hunter - is to assist you find the deals. We search / scrape MLS data every month for the best deals nationwide.

The Offer Generator is supposed to assist you in making many offers. This is NOT a spam tool and we do not recommend spamming low ball offers.

It also has a follow up module to track and resend.

The site comes with the Online Lead Finder to help you find buyers.

This is a tool I built for myself 4 years ago. It was part of my Platinum program free for my students.

I released it to the general public last year for a $1 seven day trial and then only 49 a month.

If you prefer I can charge you $997 and $200 a month like my competitor.. Mine is better and I challenge anyone to see the quality of the content ( we even give you a REO video training on how to flip REOs) Its only $1 dollar to see it .. what have you got to lose ?? If you want your dollar back, I will even refund that..


You state that the MLS Gorilla's concept was stolen from you by Zack Childress. You state that he was a student of yours. Is this true, or is this a ploy to get people to buy your products instead of his? How does your product measure up to, let's say,ProfitGrabber Pro by Marko Rubel?

I do not submit offers unless I am serious and feel I can get it.

As for low ball it has a negative impact on the agent reputation. After all RE is a about reputation, credibility, and connection with others. Those agents throw low ball at others will have a hard time convince they are really successful as a professional. Same with loan officer.

@Sam Shueh   this thread is 6 to 7 years old when we were in the midst of far more inventory than buyers.. we have now flip flopped this stuff is a non starter in healthy markets which 90% are these days..

I owned a brokerage in Portlandia in those years and those students of these dudes would be hitting on my agents.. I would never allow it.. mainly because the students were all HAT no CATTLE... IE no money

@Sam Shueh   PS I was at a Guru event in Vegas last summer. and the Yancy's were there someone asked him how he got his deals..  he simply said I take a EM contract photo copy it 100 times then just write in new address and offer amount and sling them out... Total BS  that was the extent of the inside knowledge these folks paid 30k to get.. .LOL

There is NOWHERE in my course that it says to make LOW ball offers. If you have not Read my material .. then don't make a stupid statement.  That is why you guys are Unsuccessful. You don't do the work required to make good offers and lots of them!

I was also up in Portland about 9 months ago and I demonstrated real-time in front of a large group how to find massive amounts of off-market deals.. so I would not put any credibility to @JayHinrichs statement.

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