Joe McCall's Podio Implementation Pack & Virtual Wholesaling 2.0

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Has anyone tried Joe's MaCall's Podio? Does it come with automation sequence? Is there a monthly fee? 

Joe McCall and Dan Schwarts also have a joint Podio automation pack for $1,297. It comes with 30-day free trial then $67/month. You get all of Joe's and Dan's custom-built Lead Management and Wholesaling Podio apps, and other services that come with the membership. 

Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @Kebron Girma .

I am familiar with Joe McCall as my business partner has attended his training.  I do use the Investorfuse workspace as a customer for our business but not the special offer you described.  Therefore I will only comment on Investorfuse.  Personally we are personally happy with the system.  It is robust which is good because I use some custom features that are not part of the default automations that come with the systems.  I think there is a learning curve to use it but the training videos and training webinars are VERY helpful; otherwise I would be lost.  I have also found that the customer service has been very helpful when I need them...which is often a lot, due to not being familiar with the CRM.  I will let you know that it is best to know the difference of Podio as the CRM and Investorfuse as a workspace within Podio....especially when you need customer support.  Again...we're very satisfied with the product and service.  Hope this helps.

@Kebron Girma

Great to hear that you’re looking to invest in a lead management solution to organize and streamline your business. Podio is a great choice. I haven’t found another platform that offers the level of flexibility and customizability as Podio. Add to that the project management, team collaboration, integrations and mobile app functionality and it’s hard to find a more complete platform on the market.

Here’s a good post on why Podio is a great CRM & Marketing platform for REIs, so I won’t belabor the point:

There are a few turnkey Podio based solutions designed for wholesalers on the market that don’t require an upfront investment of $1-2K. They have everything you need to get up and running, from seller leads management, automated follow-up sequences, 1-click contracts and marketing to cash buyers. Basically everything you need to manage leads from origination to signed contract. 

Hi @Jon Lee  - thank you for your feedback. I’m glad investorfuse podio is working out for you. I’ve heard quite the opposite regarding InvestorFuse Podio. Some of the comments I read were, “system breaks down frequently”, “customer service is always slow to respond”, “there a lot apps and you’re probably going to only use 10 of them,” so I was sceptical about trying it out.

Here is Joe’s and Dan’s joint podio pack:

Hi @Rohan Karunakaran  -thanks for your input. 

Hi Kebron Girma, could you tell me where exactly it’s mentioned that this is JoeMccall and Dan are joining together to do this Software.
Because I can’t find except Joe in the video or the description

Glad to help @Kebron Girma ...hope it's of some value to you.  If you have any other questions concerning Investorfuse or wholesaling in general; feel free to private message me. 

@Kebron Girma thank you so much..

I’ve checked but I believe it’s too pricey for very similar service provided by InvestorFuse..

Anyone has tried it out ?

@Ramy Barsoum Investorfuse charges $197/month vs Joe's and Dan's Podio is $67/month plus everything else that comes with it. I can't get a hold of Joe's customer service centre to get more information and I don't see any reviews online. I was hoping I find someone on BP that has tried it or is currently using it share their experience. 

Disclosure: Operations Dept

Hi guys, I'm with InvestorFuse and wanted to add some clarity. This is a topic we get asked about every once in a while.  RealAutomation was a one-time service that Dan and Joe used to provide. Since it requires multiple third-party tools you need to maintain, pay for, and learn, it is no longer offered to the market.

InvestorFuse was created out of the frustration of using/paying for all those extra tools. Think of it as a regular standalone software product though, one that is continually evolving that we constantly improve, add features, and update your system weekly (unlike other services). It does everything we installed with RealAutomation plus about 10x more.

DM me if you have specific questions. Hopefully, that clears it up!

Please note: InvestorFuse is not affiliated with Joe Mccall. From what I understand Joe Mccall’s Podio implementation include app templates built out. Not sure how much automation is built into the templates. You may want to contact him directly for the details. 

Thank you for your response@T. Phoenix Howard . I've contacted Joe McCall and his office multiple times, but no one responded. If I sign up with InvestorFuse, do you customize or twig it based on the investor's need?

@Kebron Girma I do not want to discourage you but why by an expensive program before you have enough deals to pay for it. $1200 buys a-lot of leads and yellow letters. Why not spend that money on leads then if you get a deal and make 5-10k use the profits from that to improve your business and systematize it. 

@Eddie T. I was looking for a system to put in place that will allow me to be a bit more organized. I will be going back to a 9-5 job soon so having something like InvestorFuse would really help. 

@Kebron Girma  thank you for the question. we can tweak to a certain extent but recommend using it as is first to get familiar. Those who seem to get the most benefit out of the system have lead generation systems in place but need help organizing and tracking the incoming leads from those campaigns. The tipping point seems to be around 10ish leads a week where they can no longer handle them manually, things start falling through the cracks. Hope this helps.

Disclosure: I am Joe McCall

Originally posted by @Kebron Girma :

Thank you for your [email protected] Phoenix Howard. I've contacted Joe McCall and his office multiple times, but no one responded. If I sign up with InvestorFuse, do you customize or twig it based on the investor's need?

 Sorry for not connecting... Not sure what the problem is... I highly recommend InvestorFuse. It's amazing. :)

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