Should I go with renatus? (again)

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So I'm this close to getting their "essentials" package worth almost 2k. The best post about it I've seen in BP is 2 months old on a thread started 3yrs ago. I read most of it but I'm still torn down the middle on wether or not I should go ahead. The thread seems to be a group of people who believe it's a sham, then the group of students/affiliates that swear by it.

On Google it's the same story, bunch of complaints, bunch of praises. Seems to me most of these people ran away when the "affiliate" program was mentioned (you make a commission if you sell the education).

Anyone care to share their input?

Alternatively, is someone out there willing to be a mentor? Splitting profits of course. Im thinking about the essentials only(basically the legal aspect of investing) because I feel like I got the buying/selling strategies part of it down. But because I have 2 beautiful daughters I really really REALLY don't wanna make a mistake and be in debt or a worse position for the rest of my life.

Thanks a lot I hope I'm not beating a dead horse.

Greetings from Tacoma, WA ✌

I think that you can spend the time learning on youtube and listening to podcasts on here and you will learn even more. While it might take longer, it puts more cash in your pocket. 

Yes thank you, it seems I'm gonna lean toward venturing out on my own and see what the future holds. I appreciate your input and would like to keep you in my contacts if it's ok with you.

@Alex Degante , if you have 4-5 figures to invest on Guru education, that would be better spent on potential deals IMO. BP is a great educational resource with a wealth of information and a vibrant community. If you haven't yet, start attending some of the weekly webinars, continue asking questions and making connections. It is a process but, you have to go through to get to :)

i have just about finished paying off my essentials package with Renautus and I have to tell you to save your money. As it was sold to me, the main benefits of Renautus are the education and the networking. currently the extent of my available "education library" consists of 11 videos & multiple choice questionaires covering a range of topics from creative acquisitions to self-directed IRA's. after completing all of the videos & tests, I still had more questions than answers and wound up searching the internet until I found BP. I would strongly suggest you take the time to listen to the BP podcast from the beginning. The actionable items & relatable stories found there will definitely be more helpful than you can imagine. try listening to the podcast on the Stitcher app, you can play it @ 2X & you should be able to plow through the podcast library fairly quick. As far as the networking goes, I would definitely encourage you to save your money and attend or start a meetup with other local REI. stay clear of meetups that charge excessive attendance fees. Try going to a REAPS meeting and be as outgoing and honest as possible. Be sure to follow up with the folks you meet there and see what value you can bring to their current situation. bottom line is everything you need to get started is already in front of you and you don't need to pay 2K to have it repackaged for you.

Thanks for that input. It really helps to hear these stories from successful investors. I'm only starting to scratch the surface on BP but I'm eager to learn. That app is gonna be a life saver as I still work 12hrs. 👍👍👍

Hey Alex. Check out some of the meetups in the area for to network with some likeminded people. There's the Cascadia Investors Alliance that meets in Lakewood once a month for free and Fixated on Real Estate that meets once a month in Renton for just $10 a ticket. Also REAPS and other organizations might be a big benefit to get out, see what other people are doing and pick their brain. 

Hi Alex.  I was also really close to buying the Essentials Package.  I'm learning a lot by listening to BP podcast and watching their Webinars.  I believe I can be successful without buying the package.  I am new to RE investing and also from Lakewood, WA.  If you like, we could meet for coffee someday.

I was approached by a guy from Fl on linkedin to try and set me up for the free 1 hour video.  Once I saw the prices, $20K for the full pkg, I was turned off.  Then I was even more turned off when they spoke about the affiliate program - sounded just like MLM scams that I got involved with in my early 20's.

Then I did some research and found BP.   All the negative reviews on BP struck a chord with me.  And the positive ones seemed canned, and more like people from that organization lurking on BP to try and mitigate any bad reviews.  With that said, I have recently watched Brandon Turner's webinar on making $5k per month in cash flow from real estate, got a whole bunch of great information, and some freebies too.  I'm on my way with BP, a wealth of information, and a fraction of the cost.  And nobody is emailing me and selling me on how great they are.

BTW,  when I told the first guy I wasn't interested because I have no risk capital and I'm not interested in MLM - he wrote back that no one ever has their own money and then in CAPs they are not MLM.  If it walks like a duck...

Happy Trails!!

Thanks for all your input guys! I actually joined an Association and I'm extremely happy with them! I'm closer than ever to making my first deal and a couple days after I joined I made my first phone calls....I can't say anything bad about renatus because I never actually joined, but I do believe there are better ways to go at it 👍👍👍

I stumbled upon a Renatus meeting by accident.  I love real estate networking and was invited to another real estate networking event that I had never been to before (and I've been to most of them in the past 3 years).  Turns out it was a Renatus pitch.  I've been to my fair share of seminars (and luckily only bought into one), but this one was a little different.  I like the fact that there was no "BUY NOW!" feeling.  If you're into seminars, it didn't seem that bad.

I'm not sold on the education.  Every strategy mentioned in that 2-hr pitch meeting isn't new to me.  However, my interest is in the community.  They talked about members doing deals together, buying deals from each other (flipper buying from wholesaler in the community), funding each other's deals (i.e. private money lenders within the community), etc.  Deals are pretty tight here in our area, so another channel of deal-flow would be nice.  I also invest in other states, and they have communities in other states as well, so I like the potential deal-flows there too.

Is this a valid benefit of the group?  If so, paying $2k for the networking and community aspect doesn't sound so bad.  Cheaper than most overpriced wholesalers out there.

Looking for input from people in our state who have had some experience with Renatus.

@Alex Degante

@Jonathan McKinley

@Alex Degante

@Nghi Le

I ran into that group and think it serves for some and some not. When you compare to college, makes sense to do so! 

I chose to jump in and organically build relationships. Through bp events, and other networking events. Or find someone local and see what kind of help they may need. I paid with my time. I door knocked and cold called for a seasoned investor. I spent 3-5 hours driving to his farm area(driving4dollars ) everyweek for 6 months. Pay based on results.

Regardless which way you decide, you will make a mistake. Mentors, courses and education helps to minimize them. Good luck !

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@Alex Degante ,

My answer to your question, "Should I go with renatus?" would be,"It depends."

What are you looking for?

If you're looking to learn from RE business people, all of the Renatus instructors are RE business people successfully doing what they teach. They are not compensated for teaching. They take time away from their business to teach and they donate their time. They are forbidden from selling anything in the course of their classes. The company pays their travel expenses, accommodations, etc.

If you're looking to learn from other's mistakes rather than duplicate them, well, put it this way: we have two South Korean brothers in the suburban Chicago community (which of "the gurus" even has local communities?) in their twenties. They've been with us for a little over 3 years. As a team, they now control over $6 Million in property and are going over the top of 100 doors very soon, probably this Spring if not by the time you read this (they have offers pending). Their (and my) mentor is a 40-year REI veteran and RE broker in Aurora, IL. His tutelage alone has been worth well in excess of the price of the education. His mistakes provide the basis for some of our best learning, and he's not even an instructor! ... just a (volunteer) study group facilitator (how many "gurus" have local communities AND study groups?). He came to the group five years ago "to expose the scam" ... hasn't found it yet.

@Jonathan McKinley , you DO understand WHY it's called "The Essentials", correct? It's intended to be exactly that: the basis of a sound knowledge in building a real estate investing business. The 2-day Tax and Legal class typically saves people enough money on their taxes to pay for the next tier, and those are only two of those "11 classes". Note that most BP'ers don't even believe in building a business, yet they claim to be RE business owners. The Tax and Legal instructor, Mark Kohler is one of the most sought-after experts on business tax law and business tax accounting you'll find out there. He even trains IRS agents, usually in the course of an audit when he's called in to rescue someone and has to teach the IRS agents the CORRECT way (as established by the courts) to interpret the tax code.

@Danny Guzman , I'm sure you CAN be successful without buying the package. The questions you need to ask yourself are how much are you willing to pay to learn from your own mistakes - ask some of the people on the BP podcasts how much THEY lost through their own mistakes early on - and how much MORE successful would you be if you took the time to learn from those who are already successful and are recognized for their success?

@John S Lewis , No, the marketing (affiliate) side is NOT MLM. Here's the distinction: in MLM you may get paid for recruiting and you do get paid mostly on the efforts of others. The marketing side of Renatus is Direct Sales - you get paid on your OWN efforts FIRST. Then, if you choose to recruit, you get paid on the effort you put into training your team. One of the company's top earners is right here in suburban Chicago. He will tell you that personally, he has only recruited about 35 people, yet has some 3,000+ in his team in all 50 states. Hope that helps. 

As for a presence in WA state, there are weekly meetings in Spokane, Bothell, Tacoma and Seattle, and a Cash Flow game in Bellevue, according to the current calendar.

Here in suburban Chicago, we have three regularly scheduled meetings, each in its own location which are attended by some 200+ active investors. Each has 1 to 3 study groups to help students understand their classes and the material.

Hope this helps ...

MLM with a splash of real estate education (that can be found online). Most of the people at the meetings are trying to sell you so they can pick up their heavy referral fee.

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Originally posted by @Lane Kawaoka :

MLM with a splash of real estate education (that can be found online). Most of the people at the meetings are trying to sell you so they can pick up their heavy referral fee.

The marketing side of Renatus is NOT MLM. See my earlier post for the differences.

... and that "splash" is more like a tsunami. 50+ classes, circa. 450 hours of education with lifetime access and all additions and updates.

You may want to re-think your logo and some of your website pages, by the way. Grey on black is virtually invisible (all black).

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@Danny Guzman ,

I couldn't think of his name earlier ... ask BP's Brandon Turner how much he lost on his early deals. In his webinars, he mentions having lost in the neighborhood of $100K. That would have paid for his Renatus education 5 times over, and he might have avoided the losses and made much more profit.

I'd say the same to anyone who says to put the education investment into a deal instead. So, instead of getting lifetime access to the education and all additions and updates*, you lose your original $20K plus $100K or more. So, your net savings is ... what? ... and you learned ... what?

*: Mark Kohler's 2-day Tax and Legal class is being updated for the new tax law. When ready to view, it will be available to me and other students without any additional fees / charges.

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