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My name is Gabriel. I have watched I have been a pro member of Bigger Pockets for a little over two weeks now. I am very close to starting my fix and flip business. I have done everything from becoming a member of my local REIA club to watching a ton of webinars on this site. I came across a website called Now I know that a lot of websites out there are your basic get rich quick scams. This site however seems to drill down to my niche and strategy. Has anyone used the courses on this site? IS this another one of those "pay me $20,000 and I will make you rich" scams I welcome your replies.

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You kno it is so hard trying to acquire legetimate Help without having to come of a fortune Or having to worry about being scamed Jesús just wanna mk a honest living. Im trying to also do a fix an flip im a Carpenter by trade and have been for 17yrs so im in The dame process as you

I know what you mean Terrell. Every time you turn around someone is trying to sell you something. All you’re trying to do is be successful and those scammers keep setting you back.

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